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Icon Lovers Unite!
17th-Dec-2007 08:17 pm - r&b stars and starlets;

Trying something different with a bunch of light gradients.

Just messing around ... I'm rusty. XDD

Beyonce Knowles x2]
Chris Brown x2]
Jennifer Hudson x2]
Mary J. Blige x3]
Rhianna x4]

» Credit is a must! dissasterific or rebirthified.
» Textless icons are not bases, thank you!
» Please comment if taking, or just because. :D
» NOTE: #9 is an experimental blur effect.


Lights! Camera! Action~Collapse )

1st-Dec-2007 02:32 pm(no subject)
[5] Bones
[9] Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
[1] Final Fantasy
[5] Final Fantasy 6
[14] Final Fantasy 7
[2] Final Fantasy 9
[1] Final Fantasy 12
[7] Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle
[1] Kingdom Hearts 2
Total: 45


Come to the darkside; we have cookies! (damn tasty cookies btw ;D)

many apologies in advance if you see this more than once.
10th-Nov-2007 03:21 am - Smam's baaaaack! <3
FFVII [TxA] | we make this look goooood
Go from to !

Made in Photoshop CS2. Doubt it'll be easy to do in other graphics programs since I use curves.

coloring tutorial under the cut!Collapse )
26th-Oct-2007 05:35 pm(no subject)
26 Icons:
5 - Bones
5 - Kingdom Hearts 2
5 - Final Fantasy VI
2 - Final Fantasy 8
5 - Code Geass
2 - Tales of the Abyss
2 - Vampire Knight


Head to Boomyaka!

Many apologies if you're going to see this more than once.
1st-Oct-2007 11:20 pm - tutorial time! :O
It's been awhile since I wrote a tutorial. D: I hope this one makes sense to people. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :) Also, this tutorial involves Colour Balance so it may not translate into GIMP or PSP. But if it does, please let me know! This tutorial is NOT dial-up friendly so I'm very sorry for those on 56k in advance. D:

We'll be going from this to

spoiler freeCollapse )
1st-Oct-2007 11:13 pm - repost from boomyaka
21 Icons Total
1 Kingdom Hearts
2 Final Fantasy III
1 Final Fantasy VI
4 Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
1 Final Fantasy VIII
1 Final Fantasy X
3 Final Fantasy XII
8 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Comments not neccesary but loved none the less / Credit please! / Please don't hotlink! ^_^;; / C&C Appreciated if you want to give it! ^^ /


one night, yeah and one more time...Collapse )
1st-Oct-2007 09:31 pm - Your attention please!
I am the bearer of most excellent news! A few months prior to this entry, the creator of _dream_graphics, announced that the community would be closing. Unfortunately, the lovely creator has since left LJ for personal reasons and has turned over the community to myself and kyoujaku. We were originally posters at this community before it died a lonely death. ;-;

Were you sad when DG shut its doors? I know I was because I loved posting here! Well now you don't have to worry about that anymore!

_dream_graphics will be reopening its doors!

We would like to extend an invitation to the other posters at this community to rejoin us and post some icons back up here. 8D;; We'd like to make this place more lively again! We will be taking applications for new icon makers if they would like to be so bold as to join us.

Welcome back to _dream_graphics! :D
3rd-Jan-2007 08:06 pm - icons! :O
25 Ouran High School Host Club


Maybe you're my love?

dead comm but why not put it to some pimping use ne ne? :D
5th-Dec-2006 04:16 am(no subject)
[ T o t a l : 7 1 ]
32 Final Fantasy

     17 FFXII
     12 Paine (FFX-2)
     3 FF7:ac
13 Heroes
     1 Peter
     6 Nikki
     2 Peter & Nathan
     4 Claire & Mohinder
13 Hoodwinked
10 Stock
3 Ali Larter

P r e v i e w :

Click here for the icons!
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