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Oh my goodness. I am having the worst time trying to find a 1 minute monologue that is serio-comic and FILM NOIR STYLE. It's for URINETOWN...and I've never seen the show. Can someone tell me about the characters? My monologue has to obviously suit me, I'm a

So, if anyone could help, I'll...send you cookies for christmas.


EDIT! I am a boy, 18, and a tenor. Also, I know its up top, but what is a Fil Noir Style monologue? Its for my college, (UNC) so, any help is obviously well appreciated. Also, Does anyone have the sheet music for THERE'S A FINE FINE LINE from Ave. Q that they could send me? I recently bought the music book, but on an audition trip, I left it there...miles and miles away!!!!

Ugh. I would love if anyone could help me out while I wait for my new one to arrive. I will love you forever!!!

(Needed as soon as possible)



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This non-esistent Drama Mafia, DM for short, does not do a lot.

They do NOT make threatening phone calls to people's cats.

Shakesperian Diva, please add what we do NOT do.