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"Dr. Phil"

A girl who wants to help you...

Advice Anyone?
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All Members , Moderated
My name is not Dr. Phil,
but I am here to serve as your Dr. Phil.
Have any problems?
Come and talk about them here
And I will comment on them--
as soon as I can--
to advise you on what I think
you should do.
You don't have to take my advice,
but please be curtious
and listen to what I have to say.
Sometimes I have good advice,
sometimes I don't.
It depends on how much experience I have had
first-hand with your situation.
So, give me a try.
I have three conditions:
(1) Only become a member and post on this community if you have problems that you are looking for an ouside opinion on. Please do not waste my time or yours by advertising communities or venting without looking for an answer.
(2) Please do not, I repeat DO NOT, use specific full names of individuals in your entries. First names are all that is necessary, if even that. We don't want to offend anyone here--we're just looking for you to feel better.
(3) Use all the vulgarity you want, but do not talk bad about other ethnicities, religious groups, races, etc. You can be angry/have a problem with a specific person but you CANNOT be angry with an entire group.

Before you start any entry, please be courteous and introduce yourself to the community, and to me. Just fill this short survey out before your post. It'll help me to get to know you a little better so I can help you in the best way I know how. Thanks! :)

Name (first name is fine):
Why are you here?
What do you hope to gain from this community?
Would you ever be interested in becoming a "Dr. Phil"?
Will you recommend this community to your friends?
Put anything else you want about yourself here: