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Hey Sarah,
Thank you so much for the positive feedback.
I have a ghetto booty, huh? Wow, that's a new one. LOL
I'm just continuing the hustle up here in NYC.
Seriously though, keep playing, follow your dreams and don't let anyone
you down.
Much Love,

To: jonathan_arons@hotmail.com
Subject: Trombone Solo
Man, you are sooo awesome! My friends and I are in concert/marching band, and we saw your clip from the Steve Harvey show. We absolutely LOVE it!!!! Pardon my vulgarity, but you have one ghetto booty!
Keep it real, and keep workin it!
Goggles Girl


Hey guys!
Being the band nerd that I am, I created this community.
I'll post news whenever I get it, but other than that...
the fate of this community is up to you guys.
I hope this proves to be a good place for the livejournal band kids to express their feelings about stuff.
have fun! :)


[note: please make all entries Friends-Only. just so we don't cause any trouble by saying things that people outside the band might not like/agree with.]
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