New Layout.

Hey eagles,
It's time for a new layout. I'm going to make a collage and I know it'll be awesome. ;)

Comment/IM/e-mail me with band pictures. I want pictures of us in shows, competitions, retreats, whatever..not just personal pictures with you and friends. Pictures MUST have uniforms on, band shirts, or wearing something that resembles us, Eagle Regiment.

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hey guys and gals! its me, paul, from lake worth. i saw you guys tuesday at your rehersal. i was there with mr.skinner. he is my x-band director, but he wanted me to come and listen and all, and 'get out in the open' cause im band captain. i was wearing that orange Cadets shirt... yea, i was getting lots or weird looks. so just wanted to tell you all that you're doing good this year, again. and wanted to say good luck stoneman. see you through the season!

Oh so nice

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Look what I found!

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I just thought it was funny cause I was jsut looking threw a magazine and saw band kids and then was like that would be funny if that was us, untill I looked closer and I saw people I knew and realized it was us lol
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Ok everyone... We really need your help.
We have been selected to participate in the Sun-Sentinel's Battle of the Bands, in which the first round is an online voting round.
What we need from you is to log on to, where you will see a picture of us and the song "Inside Out" for you to listen to.
It's free, and voting starts Monday, January 31st, 2005!
Please, please, please vote for us.
You can help us win a professional recording session, lots of publicity, and lots of other cool things for our school.
We need the support of everyone we can get, so please forward this to everyone you know!
Voting ends February 7th, 2005, at 5:00pm!
Please help us reach our dream!

Thanks for your support, much love,
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All Broward County Public Schools will remain CLOSED Tuesday, September 7, 2004 as restoration efforts from Hurricane Frances continue. Students, teachers and other school-based instructional staff should NOT report to the schools. Principals and Assistant Principals should report to their respective schools.