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The 3rd years have graduated and have moved on to high school. One might think that this has put a shock on most schools because they've lost some of their team's best players, but that isn't the case at all. With fresh new recruits taking their places as club members and regulars, anything can happen! Most teams will require new captains and of course, new team players. After the spring break before the new school year started, the teams have come up with this roster after their own respective intra-school tournaments to pick their regulars:

Seishun Gakuen:
- Kaidou Kaoru - buchou [OPEN]
- Arai Masashi - fukubuchou [OPEN]
- Momoshiro Takeshi (last_smash)
- Echizen Ryoma (dr1ve_b)
- Horio Satoshi [OPEN]
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]

St. Rudolph Gakurin:
- Fuji Yuuta - buchou[OPEN]
- **Terada Ayato** - fukubuchou (seiru_ricochet)
- Kaneda Ichirou [OPEN]
- **Takayama Kouji** - (brilliant_drive)
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]
-Club Member**Kazetaka Seiji** - (quid_tu_moraris)

Hyoutei Gakuen:
- Hiyoshi Wakashi - buchou [TAKEN]
- Ohtori Choutarou [TAKEN]
- **Taoka Shozo** - (misuta_kuriipi)
- **Tsuzuki Ryou** - (dragon_tsuzuki)
- **Ashiwara Keisuke** - (thursdayschild_)
- **Fukasawa Ayumu** - (_ayumu)
- **Nogisawa Kaimei** - (hyoutei_shadow)
- **Inagawa Yasuo** - (inagawa_yasuo)

Fudoumine Chuugaku:
- Kamio Akira - buchou [OPEN]
- Ibu Shinji - fukubuchou [OPEN]
- Ishida Tetsu [OPEN]
- Sakurai Masaya [OPEN]
- Uchimura Kyosuke [OPEN]
- Mori Tatsunori [OPEN]
- [OPEN]

Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Chuugaku:
- Kirihara Akaya - buchou (bloodspeed)
- **Marui Kenta** - fukubuchou (second_manifest)
- **Ayamine Jun** - (satirism)
- **Fukatsu Kaede** - (autumn_impact)
- **Amano Yuki** - (_shinsetsu_)
- **Miyano Masao** - (iacta_alea_est)
- [OPEN]

Yamabuki Chuugakuen:
- Muromachi Touji - buchou [OPEN]
- Dan Taichi - fukubuchou [OPEN]
- Kita Ichiuma [OPEN]
- **Aikawa Isao** - (stylishambition)
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]

Rokkaku Chuugaku:
- Aoi Kentarou - buchou [OPEN]
- Amane Hikaru - fukubuchou [OPEN]
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]
- [OPEN]

***Please be advised that this is not a full character listing. More characters will be added (canon) when we receive more information.***

Characters in asterisks (**xxx**) are created characters.

If you'd like us to reserve a character for you, please talk to one of the mods. Remember though that we will not hold characters for more than 14 days. On the 15th day, if the reserved character isn't claimed or no application has been submitted for it, it will be unreserved and be made available to other RPers.

The more interaction between the characters, the better. Not every conversation must be logged - feel free to journal about the outcome of conversations even if you don't feel like posting the log. Also, we encourage RPing not only conversation but tennis in Double Fault, so please remember that these boys are here to play!

We won't post out the rules for RPing. They should be self-explanatory and we'll trust that you know what they are. There are a few basic rules though: don't take a character that's not yours, respect each other, and have fun! ^_^

This is probably one of the only PoT RPs that allows created characters. The obvious reason why we have allowed this is because over half of the PoT boys are 3rd years and since they have graduated, this opens a lot of new spots for regulars on every team. This does not mean, however, that we will accept Mary Sues/Gary Stus who can completely defy the laws of physics with their amazing tennis 1337ness. Though we know that many of the characters (i.e. Ryoma) are extremely skilled at tennis, and at least some of the moves in the show/manga are not physically possible, please do try to keep both tennis skills and general personalities within PoT universe bounds.

Also, if you do not agree with the line-up we have posted, you are more than welcome to play another character. The mods have agreed that these are the best line-ups (after taking a lot of things into consideration, i.e. behavior, social status, etc.). In addition, this lessens the flexibility for RPers a little bit so that they have a framework to start from. Talk to the mods if you have any questions or concerns. Nothing is written in stone; it all depends on what happens as the RP progresses.

As might be expected, the canon characters go through a shorter application process as the created characters do. All character applications go to the OOC community (zerofault_). You must be approved by one mod for canon characters, and two mods for created characters.

All applicants must fill-out the following:

Name: (a name you go by)
Age: (We prefer that you're at least 15 to join)
Personal LJ: (your LJ)
Primary AIM s/n:
Tell us a bit about your RP experience:
How did you hear about _doublefault?:

If you want a Canon Character, fill out this section:

Character you'd like:
Age (a year after the manga/anime started):
Positions you'd like your character to play and why: (D2, D1, S3, S2, S1)

If you have a created character, complete the following:

Name of your character: (remember, this takes place in Japan. Your character MUST have a Japanese name unless they have some sort of history to go by it. Try not to make the history be lengthy)
Height & Weight:
Blood Type:
Left or Right:
School and Grade:
Play Style:
Any signature move:
Brief History about your character: (again, it's a brief history, you do not have to make it lengthy)

Also all applicants must submit a sample writing with their character in whatever scenario they wish. This is just to see how you write, and if you 'can' write.

Again, please post your application on the OOC board, zerofault_. Alternatively, you may e-mail your application to the mods. Just be sure you e-mail it to the addresses listed:
daftalicious[at]earthlink[dot]net ;
bambi.wins[at]gmail[dot]com ;

To join, simply fill out the correct sections of the application, join the OOC community, and post it. Your application should be answered, at the very latest, in the next 48 hours. Once approved, make a journal for your character and join this community, as well as the OOC community so that you may keep up with what's going on with the other characters, as well as announcements, and logs. Journal entries must be written in 1st person point of view while logs are written in story format, 3rd person point of view. Logs will be posted here: _doublefault.

The mods may take as many characters as they like. (For the purposes of the RP, there are times that they may need to take on as many as 4.) For now, everyone's limit is 2, though this rule may change.

Also, situations in this RP may include het, yaoi, and yuri. If you are bothered with one or any of the aforementioned concepts, then this RP is most definitely not for you. You have been warned.


Go bug the mods if you have any questions, problems, concerns, etc. Don't worry. We won't bite. ^_^

Stalkers are also okay. You fanboys/fangirls are welcome hit up the journals of these boys if you'd like. And if they have an AIM s/n listed, you may also IM them, provided that the person you're talking to knows that you're talking to the character and not the mun.
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