Fukatsu Kaede (autumn_impact) wrote in _doublefault,
Fukatsu Kaede

RP log - Kaede and Kenta.

Who: Kaede and Kenta
What: A friendly game. A bet. :D Kaede and Kenta are working out, just like they promised buchou. :D
Rating: PG for sort of stolen kiss!

Kaede wiped his face with the bottom of his t-shirt and wound up again, serving the ball full force towards the center of the net, aiming for accuracy rather then intensity. It hit the net and flew into the air while Kenta watched intently, waiting for the perfect moment to rush in and save that ball for a perfect volley. They'd been at it for the last hour, Kae working on his serve and Kenta working on his net play. It was the perfect arrangement and also, the perfect opportunity for the freshman to hone their skills. Rikkai couldn't look bad because of two little freshmen.

"Don't you want to take a break?" Kaede called, bouncing his last ball up and down." Another net ball. Kenta tried not to grin, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his arm. Kaede was getting better, but was still having trouble mastering control. Being stronger had its disadvantages, definately. And being a baseliner for most of his life also had its disadvantages-- volleying was hard and had entirely too much running and bouncing around for his taste, but he'd try for it. As long as it didn't get outside their team.

"After this one, then." He was tired, and more than a little annoyed at the thought that he was looking like his brother. "Better make it in."

"Yeah, no problem." Kaede served it hard, not bothering to give Kenta a netgame. He just smashed that ball right onto the baseline and watched it ricochet off the wall. "We can get back to it. I'll give you a volley game later if that's what you want." He wriggled his eyebrows playfully at Kenta while he dug for his waterbottle, popping it open and taking a drink.

Kenta waved his raquet mildly toward the ball, not making much of an effort. He didn't have to work on his baseline play, after all. Stretching with his raquet over his head, he wandered to his bag and pulled out his drink, watching Kaede as he sipped.

Kaede stretched his long arms over his head. "Nice day to be getting a workout, don't you think?" He put down his canteen and stretched out on the ground, flat on his back, making sure to be right in the shade.

"If by nice you mean bloody hot, like every damned day here." Kenta wandered over too and flopped down, half crashing into Kaede's side until settling on his stomach with a little grin. "I sometimes wish I was from Hokkaido. It's so nice up there."

Kaede moaned, gritting his teeth at the thought of Hokkaido. "I would kill to be on a beach right now. But otherwise, today's pretty nice. Right, fukubuchou?" He teased, shoving at Kenta's side a little.

"Skiing? Oh yeah, I really hope we go again this winter..." He squirmed a little and pushed back, not able to keep from grinning. "Yeah, that's right. So you better fix your serve or its 20 laps!"

"Snowboarding. Skiing is for pansies. But I guess you qualify." Kaede sat up, leaning on his arms stretched out behind him and leaning his face towards the sun, soaking it in and then tugging back his bangs. "Ohhh, already an abuse of leadership! Don't enjoy it too much, or you'll turn into a tyrant like Sanada."

"Says you--snowboarding is for emo punks." Grinning, he pulled at the grass, casting Kaede a glance befor poking him in the side. "Hey, at least people did what Sanada said, right? Everyone respected him... maybe I should start beating you up or something.." he mused, tapping his lips with a speculative grin.

"You get the most incredible rush from boarding though. It's way faster then skiiing and stuff." Kaede run a finger up Kenta's chest and let it land, tweaking Kenta's nose. "Sure but it didn't earn him the best reputation. If you try to beat me up I'll have to kick your ass, Kencho." He said. "I don't take beatings sitting down." Kae smirked

Kenta shivered and swatted Kaede's hand away, reaching to try and flick his ear. "Right, like you could take me. Hitting the fukubuchou is a pretty bad offense, you know. that'd be like.. 100 laps, haha."

"But hitting your friends? That'll send you straight...to...hell..." Kaede purred at him. "Wanna make a game of the next round? We can play a one set match or rally until the first person drops, although we both know I'd totally win that one."

"Just because I'm smaller than you doesn't mean you can outlast me. So yeah, I'll take you on that. What are the stakes?" Kenta sat up, pushing his hair up off his neck, tipping his head to the side with a grin.

"I don't know. If I lose, you can pick. I know what I want when I win." Kaede gave Kenta a bright smile.

Kenta drew back a bit, eyeing him warily. "And what do you want?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out. When you lose." Kaede bounced up onto his feet already full of energy and raring to go. "But it's nothing too bad, really." He assured.

".. why do I know I'm going to get myself into trouble?" Kenta rose to his feet, stretching out a bit before picking up his raquet. "Not that I'm going to lose, though."

"There is only one way to find out." Kaede took his place at one end of the court and got ready to serve. "Rally? Or a six-point game? Whoever gets 6 points first..." He waited for the reply.

"6 points first. And you better be working on your serve at the same time." Grinning, Kenta tightened his grip on his raquet, watching Kaede. Sure he was supposed to be practicing volleying, but he wasn't about to lose.

"And watch me as I serve every single one of these babies right at your feet." Kaede grinned and tossed the ball up and smashed it, pin-point right into Kenta's toes. He'd left out the part where he'd been practicing his serve for days, serving at tin cans and into baskets until late at night.

Hopping back, Kenta grinning and hit it right back toward Kaede's toes. Luckily he was quick. Rolling his shoulders and bouncing to wake up a bit, he took a few hops forward and waited

Kaede caught that one between his legs; his net play, despite liking the baseline more was much better then Kenta's because his reach was wider. People were always yammering about little people were better at the net but Kaede thought so long as a person could reach it, all the better. He tipped his wrist just so and brought it over the net again. "Point!" He called. "You're going to lo-ose~" Kaede called, cheering and running around his side of the court.

"Yeah, watch me..." Kenta grabbed a ball from his pocket and aimed carefully, firing a serve far from Kaede's corner, sending it low across the ground.

"Nice!" Kaede called. "Good aim...but...slow!" He managed to wheeze, tipping his center of gravity just so he could fall a little forward, letting his leg catch him enough so he could blow that ball, cross-court.

Kenta clenched his teeth and dashed for the ball, diving just in time to hit it accross. He crashed to the court, rolling a bit before jumping to his feet, knee bleeding. "Aw crap.."

"You better know by now that you are going to lose, fukubuchou." Kaede twisted his waist from side to side. "You ok?" He called, coming over to lean over the net and peer at Ken's knee. "Jeez. That's gross." Kaede stepped over the net and bent over Ken's knee. "I'll go get the first aid.'

"No way. I just got a point. It's nothing." Blinking, he flexed his knee a little, ignoring the dull ache. "It's not bleeding too bad. No biggie."

"Let's just slap a bandage on it and get back to the game, Mr. love-30." Kaede grinned and pulled out the disinfectant, efficiently spraying it on Kenta's knee and putting a pokemon bandaid on it. Kaede wondered about that bandaid and why it was in their firstaid kit. Kirihara must've been at it again.

".... Hikari's going to be jealous.." Kenta eyed the bandaid for a moment before helping shove things back in the kit. Snagging his raquet again, he trotted (a little lamely) back to the courts. "Ready."

"He'll get over it. You can give him the rest of the box? It's kind of embarassing when you think about it..." Kaede hopped back over the net and watched worriedly while Kenta limped a little back into place. "Are you sure?" He grinned crookedly. "Because I don't mind winning by default."

"As curious as I am, I'm not about to give in that easily..." Grinning, he pushed some hair behind his ears and twirled his raquet. "Ready?"

"Sure." Kaede reached for a ball and served it cleanly, letting it get to the net, to give Kenta a go at it. The rally took a while longer, with Kenta forcing Kae back into the wall and Kaede gritting his teeth and using his reach to forch Kenta to stick to the net until the ball - in a surprising move - pinged off a pole and dropped into his side. A Marui Bunta move. "Niiiice...you have inherited something from your brother." Kaede commented, bouncing the edge of his racket off one shoulder.

Kenta puffed up a little, scowling at the ball like it betrayed him. "That was an accident. No way was that on purpose." Stalking back to the baseline, he served, scowling more when the ball hit the net. The second time it made it in, a shallow drive near the front and he hurried to the net with a cringe of annoyance.

"You have to embrace the force, Kencho." Kaede teased, pushing Kenta more and more up in front, taking two more points 15 minutes later. "Tsk, I'm three up. I'm going to win!" Kaede grinned.

"You gonna tell me what you plan to do if--and I do mean if--you win?" Kenta rubbed his shoulders, finding being so close to the front hard on joints.

"Nah, I think I'll beat your ass first before doing it." Kaede tossed balls over the net. "Ok it's your turn to serve. See if you can't save yourself."

"Say that again when you're on the floor, crying." Breathing deep, Kenta served, fast and hard for the corner before dashing to the middle, balancing on the balls of his feet.

Kaede quickly recovered and lobbed it into a high arch. Kenta wouldn't reach it in time. From his position, he would expect Kae to chuck it into the net again.

Dashing backwards, he stumbled a little as he reached, his raquet just barely hitting the ball, sending it high again and he crashed backwards, waiting to hear if it made it in or not.

"Argh!" Kaede let out, diving for the ball and getting it on the edge of the racket. "GoingoingoinGO IN...!" He cheered the ball into the other court as he watched it spin. "YES!" He whooped and raced to the other side to help Kenta up. "Want to give up yet, Marui?" He asked sweetly.

Kenta brushed himself off, eyeing his knee and the little trickle of blood that had escaped the bandaid. Sighing, he watched Kaede for a long moment before throwing up his hands. "Whatever, fuck it. I cant think of anything anyways. You win. This time."

"Oh I wanted to win." Kaede helped Kenta up. "Are you ok? You can beat me next time. I just wanted to see what I could get if I won." He said, giving Ken a slow grin.

"Yeah, I could tell. I'm fine, just gonna have a big bruise..." Pushing some hair out of his face, he eyed Kaede speculatively. "So, what do you want?"

"Just this." Kaede leaned over and planted a kiss on Ken's mouth, not too long, not too short or soft or suggestive. And then he pulled away with a smile and a whistle, turning on his heel and making his way to his tennis bag. It was sad making Kenta have to suffer but it was worth it.

Kenta's cheeks flared red and he stared after Kaede for a moment, utterly speachless. "Wh..you..." Finaly gathering some wits, he chucked his last remaining tennis ball at Kae's head.

Kaede managed to dodge it and then he turned laughing. "Oh and you have to clean out the pool at my house this weekend!" He laughed, running away as Kenta found more tennis balls to throw at his head.

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