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01 September 2005 @ 11:44 pm
RP Log: Kouji, Mister Creeps  
Date: Sept 02, 2005; very early in the morning.
Rating: PG for some minor violence ><, uh ... R for Kouji's language.
Summary: Kouji is hired to kill Shozo's spider. :O

brilliant tk: What'll you pay me for taking out the spider?
quid tu moraris: What do you think is a reasonable price?
brilliant tk: I dunno. What's your problem with it anyway?
quid tu moraris: An employee should not ask "why"
brilliant tk: Not your employee yet, freak.
quid tu moraris: You're asking questions regarding the task I will be paying you to do.
quid tu moraris: That's unprofessional.
brilliant tk: Whatever. What's the pay?
quid tu moraris: What's the minimum you'll do it for?
brilliant tk: 10 000.
quid tu moraris: Shut up.
quid tu moraris: 2000.
brilliant tk: 5000.
quid tu moraris: 1000.
brilliant tk: what the fuck, you can't go lower.
quid tu moraris: Yes I can.
quid tu moraris: 2000, take it or leave it.
brilliant tk: 2500?
quid tu moraris: 2000.
brilliant tk: How do you want me to kill it?
brilliant tk: Nevermind. I'll do it.
quid tu moraris: I don't care. Just make sure it's dead. Try not to make it too gruesome, though, for Taoka's sake.

And the log:

Takayama Kouji was not a smart kid.

Despite this, he had come to the Taoka household prepared for the task at hand. Breaking into Shozo's room was easy enough, now that he'd fully healed from the fight that had left him benched. Lugging the animal carrier behind him was significantly less easy, and caused just a bit of commotion as he tried to sneak in the window. Kouji winced at the noise, but Shozo hadn't stirred, and Kouji looked around the room with a bit more resolve.

His eyes fell on the tank in the corner -- it was huge. It had to be, though, to hold such a fucking huge spider. God damn, he thought, as he approached the tank. He set the cat carrier on the ground and pulled a pair of his dad's work gloves on -- good thing he knew where to find those, otherwise he'd have to settle for the kind Sayo-nee used to dye her hair, and he didn't think that those would work too well. With a deep breath, he steeled himself and lifted the lid from the tank.

Mister Creeps simply watched lazily from behind his protective shield of glass and plastic, the giant spider almost amused by the antics of this plucky young boy with the terrible dye job. He thought, with his small spider brain, that it might be fun to scramble suddenly up the tank to put fear into the little boy; he scrambled over the canine skull in his tank as quickly as he could, waiting for the call to attack.

Front legs held high in front of his fangs, he wished badly that he was the kind of spider that could leap. He would have been able to scare the kid enough to get those gloves off - Master wore a kind once, they did not taste delightful - and sink his miniature fangs into sweet soft flesh.

The thing was moving. Kouji bit his lip, not sure that even this attempt was worth what he was getting paid. Damn, he wish he'd done just a little more research -- he knew enough to bring the gloves, but he didn't think it would have been that complicated. It was just a spider.

A fucking huge spider, but a spider nonetheless. Slowly, he reached into the tank, nevermind the fact that the thing's legs were in the air. Wincing slightly, he made an attempt to grab it and lift it from the tank.

Letting out a loud warcry - to Kouji's simple human ears it would only sound like a hiss - and a rub of his strong legs to let loose a barrage of sharp hairs, Mister Creeps attacked the begloved hand that invaded his living space. How dare it attempt to walk so easily through the lair of his Master! Did it not see that he, Mister Creeps, was guardian of this place ? His miniature fangs sunk into glove, and he was thusly dissapointed.

What the fuck? It tried to bite the glove? Thank god he was wearing them ... maybe that meant it was attached, now? Kouji slid another gloved hand into the tank, seeing if maybe he couldn't scoop the thing up instead of just picking it up.

Curses! He'd failed his Master, this was certain! Mister Creeps feebly kicked his barbed hairs at his assailant as the hand descended - His tactics! His worthwhile planning! The spider attempted to get in some contact with Shozo, wanting to tell his Master to please avenge his death, as this is surely what all this careful planning was for. But it was all moot, as Shozo simply rolled over in bed and grumbled something that surely was not, 'I'll avenge you, Mister Creeps'.

Alright. Now he had the thing in his hands, Kouji just had to get it into the cat carrier. Which would have been easy enough if he didn't have his hands full of fucking huge spider.

He maneuvered the plastic case over with his foot, making sure to keep an eye on the spider sandwiched between his gloved hands. He knocked it against the leg of the table, trying to get the door open -- once, twice, a couple tries, come on, damn door, just open, I don't have all night and crap, Taoka's going to wake up.

There we go. Kouji was relieved once the tiny catch opened, and he knelt beside the carrier to deposit the spider inside.

Mister Creeps struggled against his oppressor, his mighty warcries falling upon deaf ears. His angry spider legs kicked in the air, and then brushed against a thigh and -- an idea. His small spider brain wraped around the idea, and he had to -- he needed to -- to protect the youngest Taoka ! He scrambled, working his giant spider body around in the young man's hands, and sunk fangs into leg, biting over and over, hoping to break whatever barrier stood in the way of his mighty wrath.

"Holy shit--!" Kouji exclaimed -- the fucking spider bit him, what the hell! Stupid thing -- ! No, Kouji didn't think so, that wasn't going to work. He was going to get out of here with the damn spider if it was the last thing he did. He tried to pry the damn thing off of his leg and shove it into the cat carrier.

A glorious strike in the name of Taoka! Mister Creeps gleefully sunk his fangs deep into flesh, puncturing over and over until finally pryed off, legs wiggling in glory. He struck a blow to this halfassed attempt on his life, and gazed to his master to find -- That Master had covered his head with a pillow, and simply curled up within his blankets. Was there no one to see the glory of Mister Creeps?

Kouji breathed a sigh of relief as he noticed that Taoka did not wake, despite his exclamation. Thank god. But the damn spider was gone, and his leg fucking hurt. Shit.

This was not worth 2000 yen.

Kouji craned his head under the table anyway, checking to see if the spider was still there. It seemed to be stuck, wherever it was, not moving. Nice. He grabbed the thing as quickly as he could, covering the face part of it, or what he thought was the face part of it, with the heavy glove he wore, and shoved it into the cat carrier, slamming the tiny plastic door over it.

Now time to get the fuck out of here.
BUNNY [Spocktimus Prime]soloproject on September 3rd, 2005 04:20 am (UTC)

You killed the spider for $20? Well. xD
高山 幸司  Takayama Koujibrilliant_drive on September 3rd, 2005 04:22 am (UTC)