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Terada Ayato

RP Log: Ayato and Takayama Sayoko

Date: Sunday, 8/28/2005
Rating: G
Summary: Kouji's sister Sayoko goes looking for him on the wrong floor...
(NOTE: This is in script format, not paragraph-long tags. ^^;)

sayo: *looking through the hallway at the doors, not entirely sure she's got the right one, but she thought maybe her brother was on the second floor … pauses outside a door, and knocks politely*

ayato: ::on his bed reading, hears the knock at the door and gets up, tucking the book under one arm and answers the door:: ::blinks at the unfamiliar girl standing there:: Uh… yes?

sayo: Ummm …. is Ko—Takayama-kun available?

ayato: No, he's not – ::stops, blinks, realizes that no, he's not sharing a room with Kouji anymore:: Uh. No… he's down a floor. ::looks a bit sheepish:: That's weird. I used to live with him, though.

sayo: Did you? Huh. … I mean, I'm sorry. I should – go. Thank you again! *bows politely and heads downstairs*

sayo: *moments later, knocks again*

ayato: ::a bit confused, but gets up from reading again and answers the door, looking even more confused when he sees it's the same girl again::

sayo: Um. Hi! Sorry to bother you again. He's, uh, not there. But I was wondering if I could talk to you for a bit until he gets back?

ayato: ::blink:: Uh… sure… if you want to. That's weird – I mean, I know he wasn't there very much when I lived with him, but you'd think he'd be there if someone was coming to see him… ::stands aside to let her in::

sayo: Oh, he doesn't know I'm coming. ^^;; *enters the room, looks around … eyes linger on the tank, before she turns away with the resolve to pretend it isn't there* So! You must be Terada-kun, then?

ayato: ::kind of points her in the direction of his half of the room:: This's my half – Oh… yeah, Terada Ayato. Nice to… meet you? Have a seat. ::points to desk chair::

sayo: *sits, still cheerfully smiling* Takayama Sayoko. I'm Kouji's older sister.

ayato: (How is anyone this nice related to him?) Oh! Hi, then… yeah I think he mentioned when you came home… you used to be in America?

sayo: *nods* Yeah, I studied there for a year. Mm, last year. It was pretty cool.

ayato: ::nods:: Where were you? I lived there for a year a while back.

sayo: In California? I guess most of the exchange students go there …

ayato: Oh, okay. I've never been to California. We were in DC, so other side of the country I guess. Did you like it?

sayo: *nods* Mmhmm! It was kinda different … not really … kinda. *laughs* Bigger, more spread out. Louder people, I guess? *laughs again* Made a lot of cool friends, we kinda keep in touch. Hard with the time zone difference …

ayato: ::nods, grinning:: Yeah, I always have to call my parents at really weird times. I don't think my roommate likes it much.

sayo: Did Kouji ever give you any problems about that?

ayato: ::thinks a moment, shakes his head:: No, not about that, heh. He was usually up later than I was, and slept in later too.

sayo: *frowns, tsks* What did he give you problems about, then, if not that?

ayato: ::wry grin:: Nothing really important. Um… ::tries to think of how to put it:: Just a few little things, really. Not a big deal. ::looks a little guilty::

sayo: Did he take your stuff? We always had problems like that, he'd take my manga and never gave it back. Claimed he didn't have it, and what would he be doing with stuff like that. *shakes head, laughing* He's really silly, isn't he?

ayato: Well… he can be a little strange. But… no, he never took my stuff. We just… didn't agree on some stuff, is all. I mean, we used to get along fine.

sayo: *concerned* What happened?

ayato: ::turns the slightest bit red:: We just had a disagreement. Over… uh… a mutual friend.

sayo: …. oh. *feeling guilty* I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pried … I just – y'know, Kouji doesn't have a lot of friends, and I thought … well, maybe if you guys had gotten along before … sorry. ;;

ayato: ::definitely looking guilty:: No, it's fine – not like you knew. Yeah, we did used to get along, I just don't think he likes me much anymore, is all. I figured he'd be happier if I moved out, was all. ::shrugs::

sayo: That's … that's too bad. You seem like a nice kid.

ayato: ::blushes a little:: Uh… thanks… Yeah, he did too. I mean… still does, sometimes. Uh. He's just a little… pessimistic.

sayo: *laughs XD* Oh, he's definitely that.

ayato: ::nods and grins a bit:: Yeah. But… ::shrugs:: I figured if I leave him alone for a while… things might get better. Uh… sorry he's not there, though. Might be at a friend's or something. He does have a few friends he visits, I know.

sayo: *lights up* Does he? I was so worried he'd be over here all by himself, he called me the other day and told me I should come over because he missed me. He made it sound like he was all alone all the time and nobody loved him ….

ayato: ::looks like he isn't sure whether to feel guilty or annoyed:: Uh… yeah, he does have friends. I mean… I met some of mine through him. ::settles on looking guilty:: He kind of exaggerates a little… I'm sure you know.

sayo: … yeahhh … I mean, that's why he's here and stuff.

ayato: ::blinks:: Uh. Well… he told me he was here as punishment, I guess… I wasn't sure if he was making it up or not. I know he doesn't like being here, so… ::shrugs::

sayo: Oh! Um! You don't know? Uh …. *looks to the side, as though someone could possibly be listening, then to the other, then leans in conspiratorially* … *then sits back, biting her lip* … I … that wouldn't be fair.

ayato: Well… I didn't mean that you had to tell me. It's none of my business – I've… uh. Definitely meddled enough in his business. ::looks embarrassed:: Not important.

sayo: *relieved* Oh, good. ^^;; *looks around the room, eyes fall on the clock* … maybe I should go … see if he's back or something. *stands to leave* It was really nice talking to you, though!

ayato: ::nods:: Yeah, he might be back now. You can… come back if he's not, if you want. ::gets up to open the door and see her out:: You too, Takayama…san.

sayo: *smiles* Thank you! You know … I really think you should just try talking to him. He will listen to reason if you beat it into his head enough times. ^_^

ayato: ::laughs a little at that:: Uh… no… really, the whole thing was… my fault. I'll just leave him alone for now. Maybe… um. Later. Much later.

sayo: Mm……. you're probably blaming yourself for something you didn't do. A nice kid like you? Come on. Although… perhaps it isn't my business … well. No hard feelings?

ayato: ::just nods:: I'll give him some time. But maybe I'll talk to him soon, if you think he'd listen.

sayo: I'm sure he will. I'll see you around. *waves goodbye as she heads out*

ayato: ::waves back a bit, closes the door and goes back to reading::

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