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The moderators of this site are: inoa and sra33

1. No burning, we are all about love!
2. No being a perv
3. You must make at least one entry a week (if your on vacay then tell me! and make sure you have fun!)
4. Just to make sure your reading this make your subject of your 1st entry "we love the dorks"
5. Applications must be under a lj cut
6. If you are rejected you can apply again in a week, and please dont get mad
7. Accepted members are to vote for people.
8. You can not vote until you have been accepted or comment on others journals.
9. For people who are already in this community do not comment on people's applications unless you are voting

Application (please bold all questions)
:5 Books:
:7 Movies:
:10 Bands:
:5 Wishes:
:Your favorite song(s) and why:
:What do you want to be when you "grow up"?:
:What do you do in your free time?:
:Favorite Color:
:Your Favorite Word or Catch Phrase:
:Favorite little kids tv show:
:5 things that make you dorky:
:3+ clear pics of yourself:
:How do you plan on helping the community?:



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