I've heard you can't really be aware of beauty,
or even appreciate it appropriately, unless you have seen true darkness.

Nightmares are my darkness.
Breaching celestial planes of status quo, to visit worlds of twisted ideals, distorted only by our own personal quandries,

Dreams are my quandries,
Warped by the mind's natural requirement, to analyze the events of previous solar rotations, invisible magicians spinning swirling marble feats of grandeur, existing in simultaneous seconds revolving within yet another magician's palm, at speeds where a lifetime goes by with a giant, CRUNCH.

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Brittle Semblances Rev. 3

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brittle semblances crackle,
as eternal youth, drizzles,
pin hole depressions
forensic evidence
tea leaves on
time forgotten sinews.

celestine percussion rumbles,
as membranes, tumble,
crystalline divinity
stripping bone and resin
etching wounds upon living tissue.

he is a guide,
on a road
well traveled,

through woods
so dark and deep,
that even the owls
fear what secrets
he truly keeps.
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Moments of Clarity (rev 1)

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moments of clarity
overtook my being,
as i lay on the ground
unaware of the previous beating.

see this is where the story begins,
as the superhero deciphers,
that the WHOLE WORLD,
is on FIRE,
he is the KEROSENE
being DOUSED on its DESIRES.

don't get me wrong,
i don't want to turn this
into some type of hip-hop song,
but this is the only way i can be sure,
that my heart,
is still pumping, thumping,
grinding, and bumping,
to the vivacious booty jungle rhythms
cascading across Club Eternity’s dance floor.

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Atop the Summit rev. 1

(MP3 of the poem)

atop the summit,
i was surprised to discover,
a parchment wrapped in velvet leather.

blazoned across its spine,
read words from the divine,
of how old loves never die,
and how they truly,
can never be.

so relentless torment
billowed and howled,
as gravitational forces
heightened and bowed,
forcing my muscles
to seize under pressure,
as my heart gave way,
and let go of its tether.

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Whispers (Predatory Exasperations rev. 4)

Whispers (Predatory Exasperations rev. 4)
note: italicized text, is soft… wafts off the lips… like fog in winter, building to crescendo like a symphony.

bind my memories...
envelope my consciousness...
develop snapshots

reminiscent of stale chronicles long forgotten.

chica racka, chica boom...

puzzle pieces
blanketed by desires,

passionate embraces --
second skins left at
death’s door.

hushed symphonies, intricate simplicities...

predatory exasperations,
permeating exteriors,
bringing life to vacant shells --
panting for air,
yearning for each other’s touch.

it’s been so long, since we sang a song -- together...

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Moebius Strip (rev 1)

scientists got it ALL wrong.

a moebius strip isn't
"a one-sided geometric surface
that is rotated on one end 180 degrees
and joined to its rectangle's opposide end;
resulting in a single surface, that if travelled,
would go on forever in a loop"...

it's actually just a fluctuating straight line
that can be stretched from top to bottom,
go into the earth,
high into the sky.

see i've seen a moebius strip,
contained in a lab
where it was made to conform
to rigorous tests and exams.

imagine entering a light,
and dissapearing into a time
that you could only have seen
in your wildest dreams.

so where would you go?
if you could go anywhere
and the consequences were nil?

imagine transcending centuries
going wherever your imagination could conceive...

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