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[05/13/06 @ 8:51pm]
lovable dork

[03/04/06 @ 3:25pm]
lovable dork

am i dorky? [12/28/05 @ 8:20pm]

[ mood | devious ]

hopeCollapse )

2 lovable dork

[12/22/05 @ 2:45am]
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lovable dork

Strolling down Memory Lane. [10/03/05 @ 8:35pm]

In endeavors to restore much needed vitality into this community, I shall make a rather pointless post.

Reel your thoughts backwards, and take a stroll down Memory Lane. Recall the days that life was simple, and when a bad day was defined by the lack of chocolate milk and getting chosen to sit next to the smelly kid in school. Allow your thoughts to wander astray to happier times.

What made you happy? How did you occupy your time? What was your favorite childhood past-time? What was your favorite toy, and do you still feel an attachment to the said item? Did your childhood influence your birth into the relam of all that is remotely dork-like? If so, provide a short explanation.

[End Pointless Post.]
2 lovable dork

[10/02/05 @ 8:23am]
pictures and stuffCollapse )
lovable dork

[08/18/05 @ 8:21pm]
Making a random update.

I know someone must remember me.

I was sinthetic_hope, xfortressoftear
And all the other names I had.

This community was the shit, back in the day.
2 lovable dork

Am I Dorky? [08/03/05 @ 3:13pm]

[ mood | calm ]

My Ever So Lovely Application.Collapse )

6 lovable dork

[07/24/05 @ 9:29pm]
This is formally burnbabyburn__ who was formally kisschasy.

Sorry to keep changing my name, guys.
lovable dork

Am I Dorky? [07/21/05 @ 9:27pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Application..Collapse )

5 lovable dork

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