Ruby Gloom~The happiest girl in the world.

~This is my smile~

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~Ruby Gloom~

There used to be a Ruby Gloom community but it seems to have vanished. Therefore I have decided to make another new one. I'm not very clever with all the
fancy bits of journal but I shall try.

This community serves as a homage to Ruby Gloom and her friends. For people to talk about whatever involving her basically. Any contributions from skilled icon makers would be also be gratefully received. Say why you like her more than the emily strange of the alternative characters. I personally saw the t shirt, "the is my smile" and had to like Ruby.

So if you like Ruby please join it would be most appreciated.

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*Scary Miss Mary*

Scary Miss Mary fans are also welcome seeing as they are both made by Doe. So could say they are sisters or at least cousins of the sort.