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Ruby Gloom

Hey all,
Just thought everone who is a fan of ruby gloom might wanna know, the singer of the theme tune has her first album out. Her name is Jeen O Brien and her alum is amazing.

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I've been a fan of Ruby Gloom for a while now (mostly because I think that her character design is too damn good), so I decided to crop a few icons out of the artwork. Enjoy it and, of course, feel free to use them! :)

[63x] Ruby Gloom | Martin Hsu icons


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Episodes on second DVD

Hello all, these are the episodes on the second DVD released in Canada:

- #5 "Iris Springs Eternal"
- #7 "Poe-ranoia"
- #10 "Skull Boys Don't Cry"
- #18 "Misery Loves Company"

Hopefully if enough sell they'll continue with a third release (or a series set would be much nicer!)


Hey! I'm new, so I figured I'd make my first post.

Well, personally I like Ruby Gloom because she shows a side of goth most people don't know about. The fun, perky side. The "Bright side of the dark side" Which for me, is great. I'm an overall perky goth for the most part, so a lot of people don't see that as goth. I was wondering what you all thought about her showing that goths aren't all sad all the time.

Second DVD release in Canada

Hello all,

Ruby Gloom: Misery Loves Company will be released in Canada on March 31 2009, and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.ca.

Note that the first DVD release "Grounded in Gloomsville" had contained the first 4 chronological episodes of the series, however, the actual episode titled "Misery Loves Company" is episode # 18... so it would appear they will be going out of order now. I will update with the episode titles when I receive my copy in April.