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Dont worry about it...

You arnt alone!

Dont worry...
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Our community is for people who have problems of any kind. You do have help and we are here. This is a SUPPORT community so violating any rules will be reason to be banned.


1. Please keep foul language to a minimum. We understand the need to express yourself but please do so curtiously.

2. Absolutely NO racism, sexism, or put-downs of ANY kind!

3. This is a support group, so please support others.

4. No triggering of any kind. We are supporting people to get better and to give advice, not to help them do worse! If you are afraid it may be a trigger then PLEASE put it behind a lj-cut!

5. No advertising other communities.

6. Please keep on topic. This community is for people to express their feelings and concerns, not to here about the latest fashions!

Any violators of rules will be banned without warning!

We accept anything from reletionships to sexuality issues, so dont worry! We can help!
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