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Dont worry...

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land_of_cherrys @ 01:55 pm: should i quit my job...
okay, i have to say that when i choose to work, i wasn't in the most sane of times. i was just transfured to a new thripist and company becuse i was 18 then and the old one that i was going to had to close my case becuse of this. well at the time that i decied that it would be a good idea to start working i had been off of my medication. why, becuse the new thipist refused to have my medication re-filled (becuse i haven't seen her enough for her to deturman if i still needed it...if the old thripist percribed it then i must need it.) ofcourse the medication was for depression and temper/mood swings, so i was going thew withdraws or something and i was really not really myself and my body and mind where not really all thire. i had boosts of confidence and i thought that i could hadle a job after school, and i thought i was more sane then too.

well now i'm worryed that i will regreat working afterschool, becuse my senor year is comeing up and your sapose to enjoy the years of highschool, becuse thire like the best years of your life. but i'm not enjoying work, my boss seems to be always hitting on me and he's marryed with kids. is it right for him to keep calling me 'honey' and 'sweeetie' i'm like 18, is he alowed to do that. i get alergic reactions to some of the plants that i'm around, i work at a garden center. not big reactions just red bumps that icth and just hive like stuff. i'm mostly outside alot and i have pale skin that burns easly, i'm not really stroung but with the heavy lifting i'm getting a bit stronger, i'm costantly getting yealled at for loseing track of time when i have tons of things that my boss asks me to do. he gives me seemingly rediculs hours like haveing me work monday 2:30 to 11pm then on tuesday 8am to 4:30pm. thire isn't even 11 hours in between. i'm the first person he calls, on my days off, if someone is out sick and he needs some one to cover the work then, or if thire is a mess up and no one is in at a certain time on the secdual or if someone quits and he needs someone to cover for the quitter. i'm still unmedicated and i fear that i will strike at one of my co-workers or a costemer. after all the resion i was medicated in the first place and the court orderd thripy, was becuse i struck at a teacher and i've been know to just lash out, just out of no were becuse something tips the scale of all the anger i keep boddleing up.

should i really quit work, or should i wait until my school work/grades start to really suffer. or should i wait until my boss gets fed up with my slowness at geting a billion tasks done in a minet and still take my breaks, that he gets pissed off at me becuse he usally tells me to take one when i'm in the middle of working on one of the million tasks.

i'm worryed that if i work during my last year of highschool, that i will regreat it and when i'm like 30, i will be like 'why did i work, when i could have spent all that free time with my frineds or done this or that or have gone to my bestfirnd's b-day party that she decied to finnally intive me to.' (most of my friends, acually all. make me the last person to invite to a party, and i've been frineds with them since freshmen year and some even middle school.)

what do you think that i should do? quit. wait until my senor year is distryoyed. get better frinds. or what ever you think is the smart thing to do.

please help me...

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Date:August 15th, 2005 10:20 am (UTC)

Pick a day

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your journal. I was looking around live journal because my oldest daughter told me about it (she is around your age). I don't even know how I got to your journal....
ANYWAY, I would tell your boss once you start school you can only work at a certain time (say Saturday 9am-5pm). Working tends to be good for you. Whether this job is good for you is debatable. Things don't have to be all or nothing, you can force them into the gray zone.
As for your boss hitting on you - does he call everyone Honey and Sweetie or just you (or just women, or the younger women). Around how old are his kids? Has he done anything else besides call you honey or sweetie? Sometimes it is the way people talk (and sometimes not). Technically he shouldn't call you that, but if that is all he is doing I would try and let it go.
Friends - tough one. It sounds like (from the little I have read) that you have had a tough time - most people aren't mature enough in High School to "be there" for someone having a tough time. Actually most people regardless of age have a hard time with this. Try to look back and think of people that have been there for you. Pick a person and ask them to do something fun (movie or whatever you like to do). Try to spend more time listening to them (I tend to talk no-stop and have to let others talk). Keep and doing this (picking different people) and see how in turn asks you to do something.
OK I will butt out now. Good luck!

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Date:August 17th, 2005 06:10 pm (UTC)

Re: Pick a day

thank you.
Date:August 30th, 2007 10:23 pm (UTC)
Your job sounds more strenuous than it's worth. You're education is more important. If you really need the money, that's one thing. But if you can afford to quit your job, I suggest you do. Education is number one. You shouldn't wait for your grades to drop to say "hey, I think it's time to quit." Don't wait for the worst to happen to make a move. Get your priorities straight and figure out what's most important. I suggest you worry about your grades above all things. Your highschool records are gonna last a lot longer and have a lot more impact on you than your crappy job. And in the future, if you ever get a boss like that again, you start looking for another job immediately, because you should never have to take bull like that from a boss, ever. You deserve to get treated with respect, never forget that. In the mean time, like I said, worry about your education and getting good grades, especially since your a senior, that's the best thing you can do right now.
Date:August 30th, 2007 10:38 pm (UTC)
and I forgot to comment on your friend situation. I have a lot of friends like that too. You know what? If they're gonna treat you like you don't matter, they shouldn't matter to you either. I have a lot of friends like that, people who are selfish, greedy, who could care-less about me, who are never there for me. You know what? You either drop them, or just accept them for what they are. It would be better if you treat them the way they treat you. Aquaintances, who you occassionally hang out with when you have nothing better to do. Accept them for what they are and don't expect anything more from them, and never do more for them than they would do for you. Treat them like they are. Some people consider that being fake or two-faced, I consider it being resourceful. And your best-friend can't possibly be too good a friend, seeing as how you described her. Honestly, I never had any real friends until I got to college. Don't be discouraged by the assholes you've met. And don't worry about the "cool" factor. Let me tell you, I had a tendency of becomming friends with the people no one else wanted to be friends with, and they were some of the best friends i've ever had. I wasn't too popular myself. I was considered an oddball. I think I strayed from the topic a little, but anyway, don't worry about anything, everything will fall into place, as long as you prioritize and make good choices. Even if you make mistakes, it's never the end of the world. Everything will always be okay.
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