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Dont worry...

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destinationmetz @ 03:51 pm: Okay, this is kind of dumb and maybe a bit paranoid.

Anyway. When I have pms I can get upset very easily, upset both angry and crying/hysterical kind of way.

So I had this huge ordeal late at uni one day with a system being changed over which meant I couldn't access any of my readings and I had potentially lost 20 dollars credit I had on my card. So, stupidly I was mean to the librarians. I wasn't personally mean, it was mean against the system but I spoke rudely to them. They took it pretty well. I felt really bad afterwards, but I later heard one of my lecturers talking to one of the library people saying they saw someone being really nasty to one of hte librarians and was going to say something to them but didn't. So I started getting really paranoid that it was me and its a new class and I've never had her before and now she's going to always think of me as that awful bitch whose mean to poor library staff. I have no way of confirming if I'm being a whacko or not.
I wrote the library staff a note apologising by the way. But still... if I'm always going to be known by that teacher in that light then I feel so embarrassed and humiliated.


Date:August 30th, 2007 09:35 pm (UTC)
lol don't worry, I highly doubt that teacher will remember you. Sometimes people have bad days, you can't judge someone based on a little outbreak. We all get like that sometimes. I'm not saying it's right to take your anger out on other people, because everyone has bad days, that doesn't make ya special, but from your description you were just complaining to them about your problem, not really treating THEM nasty.. yeah? Even if the teacher by SOME CHANCE happens to remember you... as long as you're a good student I'm sure it won't even matter, and I honestly wouldn't worry about it at all.
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