Faith (faith_misplaced) wrote in _dontcomehome_,

Sitting with my feet on the dashboard seems to piss him off so I do it at every possible opportunity. Right now he’s scowling at me as he pulls into the motel parking lot. Anyone’d think it was a flash sports car instead of a piece of crap old Ford truck. Seems to mean a lot to him though, he actually patted the steering wheel back there like it was a dog or something. I’m still tryin’ to figure him out – he’s not said much since getting me out of prison, not even telling me where we’re headed – just that it’s ‘away’.

If it wasn’t for Angel’s say-so I wouldn’t be here.

Or would I? I frown a little to myself, yeah I seriously don’t trust this guy, but there’s something more than meets the eye going on with him. So clearly not on the level, but he’s not trying to be. Kinda appeals to me, like I know where he’s coming from.

Hell, maybe I do.

He gets out and doesn’t quite slam the door, something’s eating at him but hell if I know what it is. I watch him walk over to the kiosk at the front of the shithole and talk to the desk clerk. After a minute or so he starts getting real agitated and I sit up straight, trip’s been pretty dull so far, little bit of excitement’s just what I need right now.

Eventually he grabs something and storms back to the truck with a face like thunder. He grabs his holdall from the back and stalks off without a word.

I raise an eyebrow, okay…. Kinda thought from the ‘discussion’ that we’d be clearing outta here now, apparently not though. I watch as he unlocks one of the doors – room 9 – and turns to look at me from the doorway. Waiting for me.

I take my time walking over to him, letting him know that I might be along for the ride but I’m definitely not planning on being his beck-and-call-girl. As I walk through the open door I look around, not the worst place I’ve ever spent the night, but it’s definitely in the top five. I take the key from his hand and even though I figure that’s what he got so upset about I ask, “So where’s your room then?”

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