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I glance at the card he handed me and feel my heart skip a beat.

Angel Investigations - complete with weird logo and phone number.

I look back up and see him watching me, waiting for me to react. He’s back leaning against that ugly truck again, he looks… smug I think is the word. I puzzle over that for a while, he has to know I’ll call, check in with Angel, find out what’s going on, and yet he’s leaning there like he hasn’t got a care in the world. I don’t get it. There has to be a trap here somewhere.

Eventually I decide what to do and I walk away, out of earshot, and dial the number from memory. I keep an eye on him as I wait for the connection to be made.

“Angel Investigations, we help the hel…”
“Cordelia, I need to speak to him. Now.” I say brusquely. Her tone turns chilly in the instant she hears my voice.
“Oh, it’s you. Angel’s not here, I’ll tell him you called…” It’s not me that interrupts her this time and I smirk as I hear Angel in the background asking who it is.

I listen to the jumped-up secretary prattle on about it being nobody for a while before finally I roll my eyes. “Angel. It’s Faith.” I speak normally, knowing he’ll pick up on it without me raising my voice.

Sure enough, there’s an abrupt “Give me the phone, Cordelia.” And then there he is. “Faith?”

“Yeah, s’me.”

“What’s wrong?” His voice stays the same – not quite monotonous but it’s hard to tell sometimes when he’s rattled.

“I’m standing here with an old… friend.” I lay the sarcasm on with a trowel as I say that. “Gave me a ‘get out of jail free’ card and says he wants my help. Says you’ll vouch for him.”

I wait for an explosion from the other side of the call at the news I'm in the big wide world again,  but none comes. Instead he just asks me who I’m with.

“Lindsey MacDonald.” This time I really do expect a reaction, but damn him he’s cool as ice.

“Really?” Damn him – does nothing ever faze him?

“Yeah, really. So what about it – is he a white hat now?”

“Wouldn’t go that far. I know he’s not working for Wolfram and Hart any longer; they’ve got death squads all over the city looking for him so it’s safe to say he’s not on their side now. You say he’s with you?”

“In the flesh.” I say, mulling over what Angel’s told me. So Lawyer Boy’s telling the truth. I kinda thought he was, but to hear it confirmed… “Listen, I gotta go. I’ll call you.” And with that I hang up. We don’t say goodbye; it’s too final.

I look down at the phone in my hand and think about what I’m about to do; a smile comes to my face as I realize this could be my chance. To make a difference. So he’s not exactly one of the good guys, right now neither am I. It’ll make for an interesting trip anyway.

He’s still watching me as I saunter back over to him, he doesn’t seem surprised when I toss him the phone and yank open the passenger door.

“Well, Linds. Where to?”

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