Lindsey (lost_lawyer) wrote in _dontcomehome_,

Collecting Insurance

This is insane. I shouldn't be here. Should've shaken the dust of this state from my heels days ago. There's no telling when they'll catch up to me - and they will catch up to me - guess it just depends on how long they want to keep me turnin' on this spit they got me on.

I laugh at that, they've got me on? More like I've got me on. No one to blame for this but me.

Had a chance to walk away once, almost took it too. But then something made me stay. I knew what I was getting into - hell, what I was already waist-deep in - but still I stuck around.

Now though, now I can't stomach it any longer.

I glance down and see I've been flexing my hand without even realizing it - my right hand.

Strange that I'd get an attack of the scruples now, I saw innocent kids slowly bled to death at the whim of a client and never batted an eye. Seeing Brad in that glass cage, being used the way he was, I knew that could've been me. Guess I'm selfish after all.

We were interns together, we were buddies, then I must've done something that got me fast tracked. Youngest Junior Partner in the history of the largest and most powerful firm in this or any other dimension. And Brad wound up as spare parts.

The rattle of a cage door rolling open drags my attention back to the here and now. They won't take kindly to me leaving, definitely won't like me siding with their sworn enemy to bring down part of the firm. They will hunt me down. They will find me.

Luckily, I got some insurance.

A voice crackles over the intercom and she steps out blinking in the sunlight.

"430019, coming out."

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