Lindsey (lost_lawyer) wrote in _dontcomehome_,

Madness Takes Its Toll

Breakfast is awkward. We find a diner easily enough and the place seems to be the epitome of a sleepy middle-of-nowhere town. A few appraising looks and some ‘we don’t get many strangers round here’ comments are thrown at us and I find myself biting back the comment that maybe if they gave the place a lick of paint more than once a century they might get more passing trade. Instead I nod and smile and wish that waitress would get here with the coffee before this day gets any odder.

Faith seems not to notice, guess she’s always been a drifter in a way, she slides into the booth and studies the wipe-clean menu as if it’s got the answer to life, the universe and everything printed on it.

She notices me watching her and puts the menu down. Leaning back she cocks her head to one side and grins, “Enjoyin’ the view?”
I don’t smile, I keep my expression neutral and deliberately keep my gaze locked with hers. “I’ve seen better.”

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