Faith (faith_misplaced) wrote in _dontcomehome_,

morning after repercussions

The sun shining on my face wakes me slowly. This is how every day should start, no alarms, no real need to be anywhere, do anything, a warm body  beside me…

My eyes fly open as I register that last part.

There’s no sign of a hangover, and I seem to be more or less fully clothed, so what the hell? I shift a little, trying to see who it is without waking them up, but the space we’re in is too tight to move properly. It’s… a car seat. As I realize that the rest falls into place. I’d driven on through the night until I was too tired to see properly and somehow I didn’t think Lindsey would appreciate me crashing his truck from having fallen asleep at the wheel. There was still no sign of anyone following us – cops or otherwise – so when we got to a clear stretch of nothingness I pulled over, parked up and stretched out in the back. Lindsey was already asleep on the passenger side by that point so I didn’t argue the case. Until the rain started that is.

No way I was going to sleep under a tarp when there was a perfectly good seat in the warm and –above all - dry cab. So I climbed in and managed to get comfortable enough to drift off. Not really sure how the pair of us ended up manoeuvring round so we’re both lying across the bench seat like this, he’s pretty much spooning me from behind and… yup, that’s his arm around my waist holding me in place. If I move any more than I have I’ll wake him, and after that forced run from the law yesterday, I figure he needs to sleep.

Looks like I’m stuck here for a while. Guess there’s worse places I could be. I play idly with the silver bracelet he’s got on, interesting design – not really something I’dda thought lawyer-boy would go for but hey, all kinds of preconceptions are getting shattered on this particular road trip.

His breathing changes a little and he moves his head closer to mine, he’s about to wake up. Time to mess with his head a little I think.

I put on my sultriest voice, dripping with honey, and say softly, “Morning lover.”
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