Hi, I'm trying to find the opera that this quote is from,
"(I) think, mind you I say, I think."

I know that the opera its from was performed at Glimmerglass Opera, for those of you who are familiar with that. If anybody knows where this quote is from, please email me at carebearnumber1@adelphia.net! Thanks!


Announcement of a Brand New Classical Music Resource Community

This is an announcement of a new community!
"The Classical Music Community" will strive to be a fun and informative journal for music students, teachers, and enthusiasts. Its primary mission will be to answer questions for our fellow musicians but feel free to post news articles or fun facts (as long as they are musically related of course.) So come on in and join, the more members we have the easier it will be to spread the wealth of information.

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I'm so sorry i've been neglecting this community so horribly! My plan was to straight away force all these questions on everyone as we'd get on like a house on fire. That failed miserably as i was going through my finals... and though my mind is still thirsty for other peoples opinions i come to lack the questions =/

I can express this though and have been wanting to be for quite some time... Donna Anna really pisses me off. Only on one aspect though... the fact that her father has just been slain by Don Giovanni and so the first thing she does is ask Don Ottavio to go slay Don Giovanni... which i think is very selfish and stupid if you want all the people around you who you love to be killed because you're a woman.

Good news for myself, my mother gave me an early christmas present of 2 tickets to see Don Giovanni at the Opera House in september next year XD. I've just given the second ticket to my piano teacher who i adore. Front row! Middle seats! No surtitles! lol.

Survey (Feel free to ramble!):

How did you first come do adore Don Giovanni:

Favourite Character, why:
Favourite Scene, why:
Favourite Aria, why:

How many times have you seen it:

What are your memorable experiences seeing it (eg, what was the place like? did you get Mozart's autograph?):

Greatest opera of all time (yes! or other...):

Please do share ^^, cheers in advance

Kind of O/T but any help would be appreciated

Since I have never been to an opera before (as mentioned in the below topic) I have some questions : )

1) How long is the opera DG?
2) Are there intermissions between ACTS?
3) We're going at 3:00pm so what kind of attire would we where? Business casual or formal? (I don't want to come off as an a*s when I get there ;))

Thanks : )

Need Help

Hello : )
I'm going to be seeing Don Giovanni for the first time and my mom is coming. I know a bit about the libretto but not enough to coherently explain to her what it's about.
Would one of you Don Giovanni fans write or give me a link to a nice explanation as to what it's about.
Thanks : )

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Hello </a></b></a>sceleratus, and thank you! I'm very pleased you've started a community for The Greatest Opera Ever Written, and I look forward to participating in the discussions.

To start things off, a question for general discussion:

Don Ottavio. Who exactly is he - a camp ineffectual loser, or an perfect gentleman who's been the victim of bad PR? Does he love Donna Anna? Does she love him?