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Hi, new member here

I just joined this community about 30 seconds ago. I'm the producer/stage manager of the San Francisco Lyric Opera. They've asked me to create a blog for the company, and this is the livejournal I've started as well. It's only a day old, and there's not much put there yet. But I was hoping to start building up a fanbase of opera lovers.

On a personal note, Don Giovanni was the first piece of music I can remember listening to, and it was on vinyl sitting in my dad's lap and reading the music score. I was 3. Then, Don Giovanni was the first production I helped backstage with. I ran the fog machine. Then I laid on the stage during the last 10 minutes to watch the statue sing my FAVOURITE part of ALL opera.

So if there's anyone in California, specifically the Bay Area, and you're interested in opera... Or you love opera and want to read about some of the behind-the-scenes whackiness that occurs, like having a fight master with a lazy eye... Check out our livejournal here, and the official SFLO blog at http://sflyricopera.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the shameless plug, and I hope to see some of you around the opera circle!

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