leboyfriend (leboyfriend) wrote in _don_giovanni_,

I am brand new to this community, ladies and gentleman and this is my first post. I am with the Portland Opera (see www.portlandopera.org) Next year we are putting on DG and from what I have learned today it appears that no firm decision has yet been made as to whether we are going to be doing the infamous 'Epilogue'. This is a matter over which I _may_ have some input before the decision is finally made. Our production is going to be pretty dark and if I had my druthers we would omit what seems to me this wimpy ending but before I make up my own mind I should be very happy to hear from any of you what you think.

I will post a short musical bio in a day or two so y'all know where I come from musically but I wanted to get this question out there right away so, please...let me hear it!
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