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hot digity doll! [entries|friends|calendar]
dollscouts inc.

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Dollscouts, INC [ 112906 @ 0333p ]

[ mood | uninspired ]

name: Katee
age: 16
gender: female
5bands: hole, the stooges, the adicts, horrorpops, television
5movies: party monster, sid and nancy, thirteen, moulin rouge, the doors movie
randomthought: "what the fuck, erika?"
yourownband?: I have three projects right now, including a solo one, but all three are yet to be named.
No tatts, and no peircings aside from my ears.

Pictures!Collapse )

hot digity doll

[ 031506 @ 0602p ]

name: Mysti
age: 29
gender: female
5bands: Crossbreed,JOJ,Celldweller,Deadstar Assembly,Hole
5movies: House of 1000 Corpses,Devils Rejects,Party Monster
randomthought: I'm so borrrrrred lol
yourownband?: nope :(
tattoos: 3 - a rose on my right forearm,the Crow symbole on my right ankle and a cross on my left middle finger
piercings: I wish :( sadly my labret grew out
pictures, etc. pretty much whatever you want.. http://www.myspace.com/akasharayne ADD ME!

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My community [ 030706 @ 0446p ]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Image hosting by Photobucket
An alt. rating community, for beautiful dolls.

001 dollscoutshot digity doll

[ 030506 @ 1249a ]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Dollscouts inc. New GrrlCollapse )

hot digity doll

[ 012706 @ 0443p ]

A new community for Kinderwhore/Babydoll fashion.
hot digity doll

[ 120905 @ 0236p ]

[ mood | anxious ]

new memberCollapse )

hot digity doll

[ 120505 @ 0238a ]

hey, i made that joj icon (bitch, twat, pussy...). you can use it, no biggie. but it would be cool if you could credit me, as i did make that for my own personal use. thanks.
hot digity doll

[ 091605 @ 0138p ]


name: Katya
5bands:psychonaut75, Jack Off Jill, Diva Destruction, the cure, mz ann thropik
5movies:cry baby, tank girl, mortal kombat, ghost world, labyrinth
randomthought:if i had faith i'd probably be a happier person
yourownband?:haha...i wish
tattoos:soon to be many
piercings:lip, bridge, ears stretched, septum.
hot digity doll

Stamped// [ 081005 @ 0539p ]


PicturesCollapse )

hot digity doll

[ 080405 @ 0647p ]


hot digity doll

somthing witty here [ 072205 @ 1231a ]

[ mood | cranky ]

This is r0tten_vivica here i switched usernames
<.< sorry for not being very active i normally am..i just moved and WOW has it been busy.

hot digity doll

Looking for Dolls.... [ 071705 @ 0943p ]

I thought this rating site might be appropriate for this community....I see you have similar "sister" communities listed...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And not just cause I'm on the photo! Really!

Actually...I'm not even in the community yet!
hot digity doll

new mod [ 071505 @ 0128p ]

synthetikcunt added as mod 071505
hot digity doll

Join [ 071405 @ 0745p ]



hot digity doll

[ 071005 @ 0213a ]

<lj user="_beautyfiends>
hot digity doll

my n ew community [ 070705 @ 1239a ]

dollcunts dollcunts dollcunts
dollcunts dollcunts dollcunts
dollcunts dollcunts dollcunts
dollcunts dollcunts dollcunts
dollcunts dollcunts dollcunts

it's a rating community based on looks, it rocks, now go join!
hot digity doll

please joinnnnnn! [ 070405 @ 0516p ]

i have a new community, it's a rating community, please join!!

it's callled dollieparts

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hot digity doll

[ 062805 @ 0405p ]


hot digity doll

[ 062605 @ 0733p ]

hot digity doll

CamxWhore [ 062505 @ 0223p ]

[ mood | hungry ]

Jam Another Monkey Down The HoleCollapse )

hot digity doll

[ 062405 @ 0932p ]

title or description
hot digity doll

[ 062205 @ 0803p ]


hot digity doll

[ 062205 @ 0726p ]

hot digity doll

Sister Community.. [ 061605 @ 0614p ]

Dollscouts is now sisters with elitecunts

run by our lovely member synthetikcunt


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Dollscout INC. [ 061405 @ 0640p ]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Your halos slipping down to choke you nowCollapse )

002 dollscoutshot digity doll

[ 060505 @ 0929p ]
9 auto accepts left.
hot digity doll

New [ 060305 @ 0957p ]

[ mood | okay ]

dollscouts inc.Collapse )

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[ 052505 @ 0922a ]

n00000000000000bCollapse )
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mod -- promos. [ 052405 @ 0123p ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hot digity doll

Elite Cunts [ 052305 @ 0543p ]

PromoCollapse )
hot digity doll

[ 052005 @ 0848a ]

hello everyone this is dollieheart (the mod) due to recent drama and bullshit in my life i've been forced to change lj names, this is the new one. any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, reporting harassment should be done to me at this name. if you'd like to add me, go ahead, as long as you're not a two faced cunt like some of the recent people i've dropped. <3333
005 dollscoutshot digity doll

Kittie Fans?... [ 051005 @ 0311p ]
I don't know if there's any here, but I know I am =]

"Kittie to Record Demos
04/23/05 04:59 pm CST
Just a quick update...

The ladies will be entering a local London Ontario studio, Mole Studios, later this week to begin the demoing process for some new material. They expect to record 5 songs during their session... "

It's about time. I've been wanting to hear some more stuff from them.
hot digity doll

dollscouts inc. [ 050905 @ 0104p ]
Yea, so I'm new. Here's the little introduction.

name: Krystal
age: 19
gender: Female
5bands: Jack off Jill, Chimaira, Nine Inch Nails, As I Lay dying, The dolly rots.
5movies: SLC Punk!, Gingersnaps, Wonderland, American History X, 8mm. Oh! and one more...House of 1000 corpses.
randomthought: This is my random thought...
yourownband?: Nope
tattoos: None at the moment, plan to get some, sometime though. Need money though :p
piercings: Yupp
hot digity doll

new member [ 050705 @ 0247p ]

[ mood | blah ]

say hello to my little friendCollapse )

001 dollscoutshot digity doll

fucking active. [ 050405 @ 0347p ]

being active and such..

picutes.Collapse )

hot digity doll

[ 050305 @ 0737p ]

[with teeth] the new Nine Inch Nails cd is in stores TODAY. also.. not that many people will be attending anyways due to how quickly the tickets sold out.. but NIN is also on tour right now.. it is said that trent is scheduling more us shows at larger venues THIS FALL for anyone who is interested. <333



the community is dying without you guys, please don't let it die. :(

xoxo dollscouts!
002 dollscoutshot digity doll

if interested...... [ 050205 @ 0154p ]

[ mood | tired ]

If anyone is interested the Kottonmouth Kings are on tour and I advise going to the concert. Here's the date for the one in Chicago, Kottonmouth Kings
House of Blues Chicago, Chicago, IL
Fri, Jul 8, 2005 06:30 PM

Well I guess thats it for now. Later Dollies


hot digity doll

[ 050105 @ 1124p ]

[ mood | crazy ]

name: Erin
age: 16
gender: Girl
5bands: Hole, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Babes in Toyland, Courtney Love
5movies: Man on the Moon, Jawbreaker, 200 Ciggarettes, The Upside Of Anger, Raising Helen
randomthought: Im thirsty lol
yourownband?: Plan to have one in the future
tattoos: Dont have any yet, plan to get some.
piercings: 2 in each of my ears. Thinking of whether I should get my eyebrow and tongue peirced.

001 dollscoutshot digity doll

[ 041805 @ 0924p ]

Update, Promote, Recrute.. something..

C'mon you guys.. we need to keep the community interesting or at least alive.. it seems like the only time someone posts is when it's me or someone who just joined.. once you join it is acceptable to update. :P

and you can pretty much talk about anything as long as it has something to do with the community.. it doesn't even have to directly relate.. it can be random shit.. just as long as it's not something that no one wants to hear.. ie: what you did at school or something lame like that.

i'm hoping to see more updates soon. ;] other wise i'll be sad. :(

hot digity doll

new banners [ 041805 @ 0956a ]

okay the new banners are done.. so now we have new ones and old ones..


the more members the better, so start promoting.

new banners: (tagsssss...remove the stars)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/lolliedollie/journal/doll.jpg"*>

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/lolliedollie/journal/dollscout.jpg"*>
hot digity doll

Hi beautifulz<3 [ 041305 @ 0159a ]

[ mood | yay ]

im new here...so i thought id say hello!

5bands:jack off jill, my ruin, scarling, otep, miss kittin
5movies:Grease, spice world, gypsy 83, thirteen, party monster
random hought:
yourownband?:not yet =(
piercings:YUS! ears( X2) monroe,lip,nose,eyebrow, soon to be getting LOTS more
pictures, etc. pretty much whatever you want..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

006 dollscoutshot digity doll

[ 041205 @ 0529p ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone. I thought I'd join this community seeing how it's the sex. You did a grreat job on the layout dollie. ;)
I wish I was as talented as you are.

002 dollscoutshot digity doll

well what to know about me.... [ 041205 @ 0342p ]

[ mood | chipper ]

5bands:Kittie, Scarling, Cradle of Filth, Marilyn Manson, and A.D.D. a local band they're kick ass
5movies:Dazed and Confused, Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing, Alice in Wonderland, and Detriot Rock City
randomthought:hmm... right now...Is it all just a dream?
tattoos:none yet
piercings:hmmm....soon my eyebrow and tongue

Well I guess thats all about me. If you would like to know more ask me and I might tell. Or you could also ask April she knows alot about me. I love you dollface! *hugs&kisses*

002 dollscoutshot digity doll

message for all new members.. [ 041205 @ 0217p ]

New Members..

PLEASE, be sure to READ ALL the RULES.

I am going to start checking for that... in the rules it states something you're supposed to write somewhere in your introduction.. from now on, to be sure you read the rules, I'm going to start making sure new members DO read them by watching for what is supposed to be written..

and of course, PROMOTE.

Thankies <3333

003 dollscoutshot digity doll

[ 041105 @ 0150p ]

we need more members, so PLEASE start promoting the community..

new banners are being made.. and there are a few current ones you can use..

also to jazz everything up a bit.. i was considering starting something like "theme of the week" and to go along with that "dollscout of the week" to whoever has the best themed pictures.
any other suggestions on how to make the community more interesting are ALWAYS welcome. you can write your suggestions in a post.. or you can leave me comments on my personal journal. *dollieheart*

Getting Started..

whoever does the most promotions gets to be the first "dollscout of the week"

please post your list of places you've promoted to in a seperate entry, not in a comment to this entry. and please place the list of links under the LJ-CUT.

also PLEASE don't promote in promoting communities.. no one looks at those..
if you promote to a community like that, it will not be counted on your list.

thank you and good luck dollscouts.
006 dollscoutshot digity doll

mod // promotions [ 041105 @ 0103p ]

whoring for other communities..Collapse )
hot digity doll

Join:) [ 040605 @ 1149p ]

tortured_dollie ps. its brand new i just built it so sign up and raise our numbers please thank you:)
hot digity doll

Hi:) [ 040505 @ 0921p ]

[ mood | gloomy ]

5bands:scarling,jack off jill,my ruin,atreyu,cradle of filth.
5movies:the nightmare before christmas,edward sissorhands,the underworld,house of 1000 corpses,fear dot com.
randomthought:this community seems cute<3
yourownband?:i wish
tattoos:sadly no:( i want a fairy and a celtic protection symbol though.
piercings:nose,tounge,10 earrings including 4 cartlidge,belly button,had eyebrow but took it out.
pictures, etc. pretty much whatever you want..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

hot digity doll

[ 040605 @ 0117a ]

[ mood | crazy ]

name: Lucie
age: 15
gender: Female
5bands: Jack off Jill, Nine inch nails, Orgy, Dopestars inc, My ruin.
5movies: The nightmare before christmas, The butterfly effect, Beetlejuice, Empire Records, Rocky horror
random thought: Seems like a cool community.
your own band?: Errm nah, i sometimes sing or play bass in my friends one though.
I have no tattoos or piercings.

Me.Collapse )

003 dollscoutshot digity doll

Introduction [ 031305 @ 0719p ]

[ mood | curious ]

name: Asher
age: 16
gender: girl
5 bands: hole,le tigre,cramps,jack off jill,bratmobile
5 movies: breakfast club,virgin suicides,girl interrupted,romey and michelles highschool reunion and thirteen.
random thought: why do ants need 3 diffrent sections.
your own band?: no but i want one.
tattoos: nah, i'd like some stars on my wrist
piercings: yes, my ears twice and im getting my nose done soon.
pictures and pretty thingsCollapse )

002 dollscoutshot digity doll

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