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name: Katee
age: 16
gender: female
5bands: hole, the stooges, the adicts, horrorpops, television
5movies: party monster, sid and nancy, thirteen, moulin rouge, the doors movie
randomthought: "what the fuck, erika?"
yourownband?: I have three projects right now, including a solo one, but all three are yet to be named.
No tatts, and no peircings aside from my ears.

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    "Jesus Christ" - Brand New
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name: Mysti
age: 29
gender: female
5bands: Crossbreed,JOJ,Celldweller,Deadstar Assembly,Hole
5movies: House of 1000 Corpses,Devils Rejects,Party Monster
randomthought: I'm so borrrrrred lol
yourownband?: nope :(
tattoos: 3 - a rose on my right forearm,the Crow symbole on my right ankle and a cross on my left middle finger
piercings: I wish :( sadly my labret grew out
pictures, etc. pretty much whatever you want.. ADD ME!

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name: Katya
5bands:psychonaut75, Jack Off Jill, Diva Destruction, the cure, mz ann thropik
5movies:cry baby, tank girl, mortal kombat, ghost world, labyrinth
randomthought:if i had faith i'd probably be a happier person
yourownband?:haha...i wish
tattoos:soon to be many
piercings:lip, bridge, ears stretched, septum.