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The Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Community da yo!


Beat Angel - A Dokuro-chan Fan Community!
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After looking all over the vast world of LJ, I found no Dokuro-chan communities, so I decided to fix that. :p

Welcome and please feel free to post anyting related to the series "Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan". Don't worry. We don't bite too hard. >D

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1. Make sure anything that's 18+, spoiler-ish, or a large picture (or a zillion icons) is behind an lj cut.
2. Try to avoid pissing people off. Just use common sense on this one.
3. If/when the series is released on dvd in your country, don't ask for episode downloads. Support the industry and all that jazz. Unless the release is bad. (ie: no Japanese track, it's heavily edited, etc.)

Since it's currently not licensed in the US/Canada/UK/Australia/other countries that mostly speak English (as far as I know), you can find the subs here.
[10.June.08]The first season has been licensed in North America by Media Blasters. Buy their dvds because they are awesome and release inexpensive box sets.

[Oct.08] Both seasons are on R1 DVD now. Go buy it! It's cheap!

Any questions/complaints and stuff like that about the community can be directed towards sjounouchi.

...This community is definitely affiliated with schooldaysanime, because sjounouchi wills it to be so.
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