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It Begins: Otto Mega Icon Dump pt 1

So here's part one of the Otto Octavius Mega Icon Dump.

Whats in this opening refrain? Cartoon and Video Game Icons. In two parts. First up we have 85 of them, these are the RAW, untouched / non-corrected versions. Scroll down to the corrected / edited versions.

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The rest are behind the Cut

I don't own the rights to any of these icons. Marvel does. I'm just a fan who has WAY too much free time on her hands.

This Icon Post contains images from a comic strip, webcomic or from the cover or interior of a comic book. The copyright for this image is most likely owned by either the publisher of the comics or the writer(s) and/or artist(s) which produced the comics in question.

All Marvel Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2009 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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Here are 102 EDITED / RETOUCHED Cartoon and Video Game Icons.
please to compare with above.

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The rest are behind the Cut

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Impending Icon Dump

Ok guys, I've been on a bit of an Icon making bender the last week or so, that I really need to justify and explain. We all know my PSP skills stink and my learning curve with the software is going to take freaking forever, but I am now capable of  some minor "clean up" and restoration work. WEEE! Over the next few days I'll be dumping the icons to my Journal (and maybe here) and I do have to warn you... I've fallen off the wagon so so say and I'm back on the drug known as COMIC BOOK.

Particularly my focus has been Otto Octavius of Spiderman the comics. Just to prove to the folks at The Master Planner's Lair that while I am seriously biased AGAINST the cartoons and video games and yes, even the movies, I'll not begrudge the fans of those bastard sons of the Spiderman comics their enjoyment.

So the first couple dumps will be for the cartoons, video games and movies. I have over a thousand icons made so far and plan on categorizing them with each dump over the next few weeks to reduce OMG and aid in indexing.

I have done some clean up, when possible, on the screen shots that were provided. Sharpening focus and correcting color fading mostly. I'm debating wither or not I should separate the "corrected" icons from the untouched. Lemme know if I should separate the untouched and the retouched icons, or if I should simply keep them on my personal journal or at another com...

((Note: I have also done some Lost Boys Reign of Frogs comic book icons, back when the failtastic By-Post Role-Play I was involved with was going on. Should you wish it, I can post them. Even though they are all untouched and I did NO clean up work on them))

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I present to you, the long overdue Ock Spot revamp!

Click here to visit

All new layout, with over twenty new summaries and hundreds of new screen captures in the "Alfred Molina" section. New hosting, which will not give out so quickly. And actual, literal spots in the site design! Woo!
fear de evil dat is me

this might seem like an odd question

8:11 PM 8/7/07 · Flipping channels and I come across the 2nd Spidey movie and I noticed something. It's the fight scene with Doc Ock that Aunt May was involved in and they're slugging it out like gangbusters...

...even May got in a good shot.

I'm not sure if I ever noticed this before or not but His·Multiple·Limbedness doesn't seem to land a single punch. He only hits Spidey with his mechanical arms.

Does Doctor Octopus ever hit Spidey with his actual hands anywhere in this film?
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Hiya, I'm new here. I am definitely a huge Ock fangirl. I recently got the action figure and I'm obsessed with it. The tentacles are cute :3

My sister made a Doc Ock MV that I think you'll all love. I adore it X)

click the link to see it!

Love x
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Icons and Avatars

I... am a complete and utter Doc Ock fangirl (obviously). And I have a lot of comics in digital format. And occasionally, in a spasm, I make icons.

Feel free to use these, though please credit if so (and lemme know so I can feed my ego :) ). I'm also willing to add text, alter, or even take requests (I have a lot of Ockly material, plus other Spiderman comic stuff). I have Photoshop and I'm not afraid to use it! :D

And please no hotlinking.

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