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Linkin Park Has Gone Digital?

[DLP] Linkin Park Has Gone Digital?
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Welcome to the [DLP] LiveJournal community! It's a place for current [DLP] members and anyone who's a Linkin Park fan to come and meet outside of the [DLP] boards. If you aren't a [DLP] member, feel free to come by the website and join!
The rules for posting here are the same as those on [DLP], but changed to apply to LJ:
[1.] Do not discuss the personal lives of Linkin Park. Any threads doing so will be deleted instantly.
[2.] No posting graphic sexual content.
[3.] Don't threaten the Community Staff or other members. Instant ban for doing so.
[4.] Don't flood threads. Flooding is repeat posting.
[5.] Do not disrespect the Community Staff. They work hard in maintaining the Community.
[6.] If you read any posts that offend you, please instantly alert the Community Moderators.
[7.] If you have any concerns or questions, contact a Moderator.
[8.] Have fun!

Enjoy and cheers