Dancers Kick Butt

Dancers Kick Butt
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Dancers Kick Butt

Hello! Welcome to _dkb (Dancers Kick Butt)!
This community was made by noodlezandsou(maintainer), there are a few moderators that you can find below.
If you need help joining the community or posting in it, please go here.
Dancers are truly amazing people, and we do kick butt :P
This community is for all the dancers out there; jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, etc. :D
But realize, you don't have to be a dancer to join!! ANYONE can join if they feel like it.
If you join, please post a little introduction to yourself, there is a sample introductory questionarre thing below:

My name is..name
I take...what kind of dance
I am...how many years old and what gender you are
I'm from...state (if in USA)..country (if not in USA).
I like dancing because...insert explanation
I have been dancing for...however long
I do/don't believe dancers really do kick butt!
You may insert pictures, under an lj-cut, if you want. No offensive images please

The Rules

1. Respect each other.
2. Please don't promote a community in this community. That is what promote communities are for. :)
3. If you have pictures, please put them under an lj-cut.
4. Please don't type LiKe ThIS and spell correctly. I can understand typos but no yooohs and peepos.
5. Promote this community on your livejournal if you like it!
6. Enjoy yourself!!!!!! ^^

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Contact mods if you have questions or need help.