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Hey guys.... I love DJ.... ever since THE NEW GUY, I was hooked. Has anyone heard about the movie Lone Star State of Mind? I don't know if it is coming to theaters or if it coming to video or whatever, but I rented I SPY this weekend and a preview for that was on there. DJ is in it, and it looks funny.

and natter she did!

sooo, i just watched the extended trailer for the core, complete with a full .0002 seconds (alright, maybe not that small) of DJ glory.

i couldn't help but squeal when his cute 'lil mug popped up, and hearing him utter " ... i'm gonna need star trek tapes & hot pockets!" was great.

the movie looks tremendously awful, and i doubt i'll see it. is anyone else planning on going?
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You and I are underdosed and we're ready


Hi, I was just looking through the "archives" I suppose they could be called, and I found this community and I was like, "There is a god!" heehee...No seriously, though, I love this boy...he actually looks like my ex boyfriend. I like em skinny heh. I just wanted to say Hi..my name is Jessica and I am boring. There should be more people in the community!
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DJ Qualls...*drools*

Hi! I wanted to join because DJ rocks. I'm kinda upset that this community isn't so lively, come on people! Lets mingle! ;] (haha I sound stupid.)
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