The future Brett Somers (ilovegravy) wrote in _djqualls,
The future Brett Somers

DJ on Jay Leno!

Did anyone else see DJ on the Tonight Show? I only found out at the last minute, I'm sorry I didn't post about it :(

Anyhow, if you wanna catch the rerun, I believe they show reruns of the show exactly 1 week from its airdate at 3:00am or so (you might wanna check your listings to be sure).

He was super funny and cute as always :D and goes to show how much I know about him, I didn't know he was fat as a child AND had cancer and that's why he's so skinny now :O

but yes, a great interview. He talked about his [literally] retarded dog, crying on cue, and other random things. (I could tell at points the audience didn't know whether to laugh or not, because he was talking about all kinds of crazy crap. hahah it was great.) He's so wacky, I love it :D

ps- I forgot to include, he's in a new movie called "Hustle and FLow"!

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