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::drools at icon of DJ at DJ Qualls Community::
::drools a few more minutes::
::may stop at any moment...have faith::
*someone snaps their fingers in front of her face*
::blinks and is suddenly back to normal::'s not that I like Deej.
No, no not at all. Don't like him at all! I mean come on, that smooth voice, that cute face, those eyes, those lips....::drooool::
*someone snaps again*
Oh..heheh't like him at all. I mean...

I love him.
No, I ADORE him.
Maybe that's a little strange? I RP him too. Yes. I'm so obsessed that I AM him. ::smiles:: I'm also not crazy. But these guys in white say I only have a few minutes more on the hospital's computer before I have to go back to my safe soft cell.
And it's not that I mind the cell or anything. It's a nice cell. They made it nice and clean and white. I heard the last girl that was in there found a way out of her specially designed jacket and strangled herself with it. Nuh uh, would happen to me.

Anyways, I hope DJ meets me at the flagpole in a few hours. I have to get last night's homework. I know he has it, Mr. Qualls is so tenacious. He's my teacher and he's a student. And he has a pet monkey that I call dolly. We get along. But then the men in white give me a little shock again, and then I'm already back at the hospital. I say, "That was fast."

im me at FearlessGaia15 when they let me out of my cell tomorrow night. We'll talk more then!
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