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djarum cloves

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Washington, DC [20 Mar 2007|12:37pm]

I posted about this here long ago without much help, so trying again:

Where are some good places in DC to find cloves?  I live in Maryland where it happens to be illegal to sell kretek (clove cigs).  A few big tobacco shops in the mall will keep Djarum Blacks hidden in their back room & if you ask when no one else is in the store you might get lucky... but they don't always have them in stock and/or they won't always sell them if the situation doesn't seem safe.  Besides, Blacks are not my fav. anyway.  I'm looking for one place with a massive selection, Sampoerna A Mild in particular.

If you're also in the area, there is a little convenience store on P St. NW called Oasis Gourmet Deli.  They have a nice little selection there.  I also heard there's a tobacco shop in Georgetown that sells cloves but apparently they don't have the exact brand I'm looking for.  I haven't been able to get in that area when they're open (I don't know their business hours but every time I've tried to check it out they're closed).

So other than those 2 places, are there anymore??  Thanks!

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[13 Jan 2007|11:05am]

HEYYYY I can't believe there's community for Djarum, I mean, it's a company from my country, Indonesia.

Umm, my public relation class was joining a trip to visit PT Djarum at Kudus, and we must make a presentation. I just wanna ask ur comments about this product. Thanks before!

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hello! [12 Jul 2006|03:08am]

does anyone here have any recommendations for websites selling djarum blacks? i'm afraid to just search and shop - what if it's a phishing-scam site out to steal my info? *shifty eyes*

any help would be appreciated! :)
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Where??? [14 Nov 2005|04:03pm]

I'm surprise to find this community!

I need help - I live right outside Washington, DC (in Maryland) and I can not find cloves ANYWHERE!! Where can I find them?? The handrolled would be even nice.

Thanks! This will be [x] posted =)
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[14 Nov 2005|03:26am]

holy shit i cannot believe this community exists

i smoke bali hais regularly, and blacks a lot, too
a lot of people tell me how awful cloves are for my health, but i don't care because they're soo good

anyway, just saying hi
i'm rachel, by the way
i don't wanna do it your way

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