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name: betsy
age: 14
state/country you live in: usa wisconsin
club or highschool you dive at: shcreoder YMCA, and Whitefish bay high school
favorite dive: 5124d
least favorite dive: 303b
biggest diving inspiration: jeff jasnienski *my coach*
backs or reverses: backs
3 meter or 1 meter: 1 meter
anything else? i was a gymnast too, but i got soo many injuries, and i needed another sport to keep me healthy

mod//first post

[Aug. 11th, 2005|10:54 pm]
as your moderator, i would like to say.... welcome to _divinglovers_, a community for divers. thank you thank you for joining. just a couple of quick rules

1. don't TyPe LyK DiS. its annyoing. try to spell words right.
2. if you start drama, you're freaking banned.
3. please don't whore out your communities every four seconds. and if you are promoting, put it behind a cut thanks.
4. get along with me and you'll be excellent!

thanks agian, your mod

betsy wynn