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di·vine (dee-vi-ne) adj.

1. Superhuman; godlike.
2. a. Supremely good or beautiful; magnificent
b. Extremely pleasant; delightful
3. Heavenly; perfect.

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Members Activities

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Your Mod

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I am your maintainer (Kari Rose) crazie_duckie; I Am from pound, virginia & 15 years young. I have a boyfriend named chase & i'm very happy with him. I am always open for new people to add me to their friends list & i am an extremely nice & offering person. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my livejournal or icq (340963354)

Applicant Rules

+ Both Boys & Girls, may apply.
+ ALWAYS use an lj-cut. If you don't know how, refer back to livejournal's FAQs.
+ You must have pictures, if you don't, then don't bother trying.
+ MAKE ALL ENTRIES FRIENDS ONLY!!!(if it's not, the post will be deleted)
+ 14+ N0 EXCEPti0NS(unless given special permission from the mod; then you MUST state that.)
+ Don't start crap with the members/mods. It will ban you automatically.
+ If you can't take critizism, then don't even bother applying.
+ Please apply as soon as you join, you have 24 hours, or you will be removed as a member.
+ Don't use rich text, when applying, use the pre-matted application. GAH!
+ Answer Anything Else? with "Your Mom!"
+ Do not go back & try to make your application better. You will be banned.
+ You can't reapply(unless the mod states that you can), i'm sorry if we didn't like you the first time, we won't like you the second time.
+ Don't reply to any of your comments, it's annoying. You can if they question you, but don't be like 'thank you' all the time.
+ If you delete your application, you will be banned ;)
+ Don't use fake pictures, just because you aren't pretty enough, doesn't give you the right to go out & take pictures from people who are. It will get your ass banned! =)

Rules for Stamped Members

+ BE ACTIVE! Don't join & not participate, i will do member cuts every other month or so, just to be sure.
+ MAKE ALL POSTS FRIENDS ONLY!(or it will be deleted)
+ Vote on both looks & application, don't just say yes, because you listen to the same music; that's dumb =)
+ You must give reasons to why you voted a yes or no. If you don't you will lose points.
+ NO PROMOTIONS! Unless your points allow it. (don't get it? view point system below)
+ Must, use an lj-cut for everything!
+ When voting on an applicant, be brutally honest; i don't care - be as mean as you want.
+ You can ask an applicant to sway you, at any point & if they leave your question unanswered, then it's automatically a 'no.'
+ Put stamped, somewhere in your post.
+ Try to participate in all themes.
+ If your application ends in a tie, the mod gets the final vote.
+ If you aren't going to be active for a while, let me know why. Post it ;)
+ please, please, please... don't bitch/complain/argue/etc. i have a life, other people in my community have lives & none of us want this stupid JH drama =/ UGh! You get 2 chances, first time the mod will warn you. 2nd time, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE ;)
+ By the end of either a month or two, you must have at least 10 points to be kept as a member.(the mod will inform you if your time is running up)

Think you're prettier than a member? Challenge them.

Basically a member will challenge another accepted member to see which member is prettier by making a post with their best pictures & the other member's pictures. Then the members will vote & then someone will end up with 200 points. =) no member gets taken away from the community

Top 5

The top 5 members will be chosen every weekend and will be decided by the amount of points and activity during the week.

You will recieve an extra 300points when you are selected for the top 5.

This Weeks Top 5 Members Are -


_sharethelove_ simpliisweet_xx im_____stunning
lovelypreps eastcoast_glam

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Thank you everyone, have fun

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