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Welcome to Divalicious Graphics, a community owned and maintained by longtime graphic maker such_resilience. Here you will find a good variety of icons and other graphics, containing your favorite celebrities. While the site was initially named after and inspired by the "divas" of the entertainment business, our content is not limited to that. We try to incorporate as many different themes as possible, and you never know what kinds of things you'll find here. So, what are you waiting for?? Please read the rules below, and join!

Before you click join, please read the rules below. As of May 8, 2006, Divalicious is now a moderated membership community. Due to all the icon theft going around LJ, we've decided we want to carefully monitor who has access to our graphics. We want to personally check each journal requesting to join. If you never update or clearly do not credit icons, your request will be denied. If your journal looks suspicious, your request will be denied. Moderated membership benefits all of us, and it saves us mods time when it comes to doing credit check and member cuts.

01. Makers must lock all posts, to ensure we know who is taking what.
02. Members must comment with the specific # of the graphic(s) you are taking from each post.
03. Members MUST credit the maker of EVERY graphic you take. this rule is taken very seriously, and if you are found even one time not crediting properly, you will be banned without notice. and yes, we do check.
04. Do not alter/redistribute graphics or claim them as your own.
05. Graphics for use on LiveJournal only, no exceptions.
06. Do not hotlink any graphics. save icons to your own computer and upload them to LJ. headers/banners, host them on your own server.
07. Do not promote your community here. this is not the place.
08. Do not post your own graphics in comments. if you would like to post here, apply to be a maker.
09. Do not request graphics unless we offer, which we will from time to time.
10. Do not disrespect any celebrities, makers, or other members. you'll be banned.
11. If you have any questions regarding the rules, or any comments/suggestions, don't hesitate to ask or let us know. We don't bite :)


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(Please upload to your own server. Thanks!)


Thanks to ReversesCollide for the layout codes!