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dis Track (a webcomic)

Now with 20% more bling!

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dis Track : now with 20% more bling!
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Nuts and Bolts
Dis Track is a web comic updated three times a week (M/W/F) and features the hottest names and faces in the rap game.

The comic is written and assembled by MC l33t & MC Spidercide with photos that are Googled and abused with PhotoShop for our (and hopefully your) enjoyment.

We hope that everybody thinks the comic is funny, but our target crowd are hip-hop headz, music fans and video game nerds. So you don't need copious knowledge of the scene to get our comic.

The Guilty Parties
MC l33t - President of Propoganda. Creator and primary writer/assembler.
MC Spidercide - Secretary of Keepin it Real. Philly based emcee, second best hype man in the game, and co-writer/assembler.

Tools of the Trade
Photos: by images.google.com
Assembly: in PhotoShop
Host: Drunkduck.com

This Community
We'll be updating this community with news about the comic, and other webcomic creators are welcome to come and talk about their project and webcomics in general. And music talk is always welcome. Just come correct, because we will diss teh w4ckn355.