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Jeff will be here at 5:47am Saturday morning for a week. We will eat breakfast and go to sleep because no one in their right mind is up at 5:47am. Then we will wake up and go to Broadripple to walk around, or perhaps downtown to the cannal. Then we will rent Finding Neverland so I can cry. (I started crying halfway thew the movie and didnt stop until the end when I saw it at the union)

Then Sunday he will go to church with me to celebrate the seniors graduating and we might go to one or two graduation parties.

Sunday night I drive back to B-town.

Monday I have class and work until 7. then i'll drive back to indy

Tuesday will be spent in indy because it is jeff's 21st. Tuesday night I will drive back to b-town

Wednesday i have class and work.

Thursday I volunteer at the day care and work.
Jeff doesnt know if his mom will be able to bring him down on thursday.
And I have inventory at the bookstore until 10 i think.

soo...thrusday thru sunday is up in the air...except he leaves sunday morning at 7:30am.

and thats my story. OH yeah. we'll be watching the West Wing ALOT. I'm very excited about the west wing I love Rob Lowe and i love the character of Josh.

now thats my story

Hi everybody

hello everbody
This is an advertisment for my Bf's store it's got all kinds of crap: evil stuff, geek gear,irish pride, cheese, a new line with the line "Just like Sleeping Beauty Little Pricks Put Me To Sleep", as well as much much more, so check it out the money he gets from the shop is what he saves to come see me(we live on opposite sides of the country).

The Brekinmoor Gift Shop
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books and mugs

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I didn't know who to ask but I was wondering if mysticallove002 could be in your love communities? We're new and just wanting to get our community out there and all. We'll add you if you add us! Thanks!
books and mugs


I was just wondering if we are ablet o promote another community. I have one of my own for those who in love and just wonderinf if i could promote it, it just started and there is only 5 people in it..Just thought I would ask before i got in trouble
books and mugs


Your Name:Heather
SO's Name:Dave
Ages: Im 18 and he's 20
How you met: Through his roommate
Location of both of you: I am in Michigan and he is away at school down in Gerogia
How long have you been together:almost 9 months
How long have you been in a long distance relationship: 9 months
Status of your Relationship: dating and commited
Anniversary Date: Augest 13
Do you want to get married if you already aren't:Yes we want to wait till we are out of college, he gave ma promise ring for Christmas
Any Ideas for the community: Love knows no distance
Promoted Journal Link:
Did you read the rules: yuppers
Post some pictures :)

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Okay, so jeff has a problem with writing letters. and we've talked about it and i've given him stamps and enevolopes and everything. but he would rather just talk on the phone about nothing than write his thoughts down. After almost three years of this...i've kind of given up. Even though inside, him being in Cali and me in Indy...I would really like conversations i can hold on to..

He also has never sent me a package. I love to send him stuff. I've never expected a package back.

So imagine my surpize when I threw open the door to go the restroom to find a box from Amazon.
Jeff sent me extra belated birthday presents: The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to teh Galaxy. and Pi-Shu the little panda.
(I love pandas).

I called him and he told me that he wanted to get me more presents. and of course he is the best boyfriend ever.

and thats my story.