Mrs. Dennis Miley (aka Renee) I am infamous (envy_her_) wrote in _distancedating,
Mrs. Dennis Miley (aka Renee) I am infamous


Your Name: Reneé
SO's Name: Dennis
Ages: 16- me, 22- him.
How you met: About 7 years ago, we met online on a messageboard. I'll ask him which one, he keeps track of it all.
Location of both of you: London Ontario, Canada - me. Cincinnati Ohio, USA - him.
How long have you been together: Were friends for 7 years. Became an official couple on 8.19.05
How long have you been in a long distance relationship: Almost 2 months. However,he drives almost 8 hours every weekend to see me.
Status of your Relationship: Engaged.
Anniversary Date: August 19, 2005.
Do you want to get married if you already aren't: Enagaged to be married on October 5, 2009!
Any Ideas for the community: An anniversary date table/chart?
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Did you read the rules: Love knows no distance. Of course I did!
Post some pictures :) Don't have any yet.. :( Hope that's okay.
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