Abby (abaytay) wrote in _distancedating,

Jeff will be arriving in Indianapolis from California about two hours. i'm in bloomington an hour and a half away...

I have work at 10am...until 6pm
I'm trying to leave work early.

I'm thinking about driving up to indy...
Be there at 6am...
Drive back to Bloomington at 8 so i can be at work by 9:30am
Drive back to Indianapolis after work and stay until Sunday around 6pm...

He was mean on the phone tonight...saying things like a joke...but not quiting...he just kept going.

I dont know what to do.
He doesnt deserve that...and i'll be tired

He left cali with me feeling sad and lonely.
I'm supposed to be excited with that warm fuzzy feeling of, "Yeah, i havent seen him in almost two months!"

Instead i have tears and am wondering if i should even drive up.

i just dont know
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