Heather Leola (luckygal813) wrote in _distancedating,
Heather Leola

I can't believe that time flies by so quickly. I really can't. It seems taht he just got here on Monday and everything and now his flight leaves tomorrow. This week has been the best week i've had in a while. Him and I spent a lot of time with his parents and helping set up the new house and everything. Which was totally ok with me and him. We saw a few movies.."Hicth", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith","Hostage","Elktra" and "The Pacifer". They were all really good. We did a few errands that needed to be done.We went shopping too a bit. I love shopping with him b/c he gives his honest opinion. He will hold my purse and not me ask or hint or anything he just takes it, suchs a sweetie. If I ask him if he is sure he gives me a look like shut up and go try on the clothes. he he so cute!I b ought a few shirts and I bought a few more lotions. I serisouly think I have the whole collection of Bath and Body Works! hey it's sales lol. His Uncle Wayne also came home for the weekend from a trip for work to spend some time with him before he left to go back to school. Which was really sweet of him.I was introduced as "The newest member of the family" Made me feel so welcome and loved! I loved hearing that! Had a lot of people there, which made me nervous. Jason and Genn stopped by so that was cool. Then we went to the Fireworks show that Roseville had. I didn't know that many people lived there. lol. He said the same thing. lol. Had a great time there! I haven't been to see fireworks in years! I rally haven't! It meant a lot to me that he wanted me to go with him. That night I suprised him with me staying the night, and then a few nights before then my parents wanted him to stay the night here. Which meant a lot to us. They just wanted us to sleep i seprate rooms, I am quite ok with that. Although when he stayed we were wacthing Coach Carter and afterwards he was like "Wanna wacth another one?" It's like 12 at night and I was like don't we have to take you home? He was like nope I'm staying, I couldn't get over it for like 5 minutes! His mom has been showing me how to cook some things and that has been fun! I wrote her a letter and I bought ehr a stuffed kitty. The letter thanked her for being so great nad sharing him so much and for just always supporting us and for her to be such a doll and telling her how much I adore her! It made her cry. I am hoping to spend some time with her between now and my trip then when I go back to school also though. I am hoping to at least.

It's so weird. From doing everything with someone else, not having to do anything really alone and now having to do it all alone and it's just weird and I don't like it. I m iss him so much andwe only said out See you laters about a hour ago!We always say"See you later" B/c with us it's never good bye! His flight leaves tomorrow evening but I won't see him then. So it was hard today. It really was. 1 month and 1 week till I leave for my trip! I can't wait! I really can't! Then I ge him all to myself! Wel my mom too but she knows that I get more than her! LOL> Just playin' Ma. lol. Oh so we bought him a coffee table for his birthday. B/c his table was broke and tried to fix it so we bought him one. He loves it! He was completely taken back and had no idea what to say. My parents were the one whoc ame up with it. I was quite suprised by it myself. My dad is planning on getting a plexi glass to put on top that way the glasses wouldn't damage it and if they wanted to put the pictures of the gf's or the families they could. Since all 3 of them he apt. have g/f's so i thought it was cute!

It's weird to have him not here or not to be wit him or to know that I won't see him tomorrow. I love him so much and I miss him so much! He is my everything and i fell more in love with him with each passing day! Next month will be 11 months for us! The thing is all of that is long distance, with visits of course but well. Even the time we got to know each other, long distance and a year without seeing each other! I was trying my best to be strong. He made me feel so good! He siad I am good at being strong. For me, that means a lot b/c I don't see myself strong and that made me feel like I really am. I really don't know what I would do without him in my life. He is my all. I couldn't go through all the things I have in the past few years, I couldn't be me, I couldn't be as strong as I am, I couldn't finally be ok with me just being myself.Him and I have gone through a lot when we were talking and still now. He is the one I will marry one day and him and I were talking about that this week. It was so great.

Well I think I am done rambling on and on now... Thanks for those of y'all who read and all that lovely jazz!
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