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Love knows no distance


Your Name: Stephanie
SO's Name: Kyle
Ages: I'm 20 years old and Kyle is 19 years old.
How you met: We met in college. We both went to Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. I knew of him throughout the year. We met on St. Patty's Day (that night). I was in my friend's dorm room just hanging out and he came in. I thought he was an RA beacuse I usually saw him at the front desk and my friends were drinking so I got a little worried. Come to find out, he only worked up at the front desk of our dorm for work study. We didn't talk much, but he seemed like a great guy and I LOVE talking to people and making friends. That following Saturday, he went out and I was sitting in my room watching movies with a few friends. I went across the hall again, after the movie, and he ended up showing up at like 2:30 in the morning. One of my friends was his roommate and I had no clue. Kyle and I ended up talking in my room until 7:30 in the morning. :) We realized we had so much in common and ended up talking more from there. :) I didn't know that he was a year and a half younger than me until we started hanging out more. I really thought he was like 20 or so, but come to find out he was 18. He just turned 19 this past Saturday.
Location of both of you: I live in Massachusetts and he is now in Oregon for the summer for an internship that lasts until November and then he is transferring to the Johnson and Wales Uni campus in Charlotte, NC. :(
How long have you been together: We have been officially together since March 31st. So almost 3 months.
How long have you been in a long distance relationship: The distance started when he went back west on May 19th. :( I brought him to the airport.
Status of your Relationship: Serious.
Anniversary Date: March 31st.
Do you want to get married if you already aren't: I would like to but after we both are outta college. I wanna travel with him. :)
Any Ideas for the community: Just to help each other out and talk to each other about things are going on in our relationships.
Promoted Journal Link: Promo
Did you read the rules: Yup
Post some pictures :)


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