LDR and Webcams


This is kind of a different topic to most on here, but if anyone's willing to share their experiences i'd be grateful!

Im currently writing my thesis on internet communication, more specifically using webcam/video calls to maintain relationships. If anyone's doing this right now, or has done in the past, and is willing to answer a short survey, you can fill it out online here:


Thanks for your help!

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So a few weeks ago I went to Jeff's sister's wedding. it was fun, i got very tippsy...and good times. I have pictures. This will have been Jeff's thrid visit in three months. And each visit we attended a wedding.

I dont have many because the photographers havent sent the pictures back yet. but I have a few:

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There will be more i'm sure

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Your Name:Summerchic
SO's Name:Matthew
Ages:21, 19
How you met: We met while I was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. I went to a bar with a friend who was trying to meet up with her boyfriend. As soon as we walked in, I saw Matt because he is tall and so he stands out. I told my friend I thought he was really cute. My friend kept on having to walk out of the bar to call her boyfriend and every time she walked out I came with her and brushed past Matt. Eventually, he came up and talked to me. I didn't stay for long because I had to work the next day but he took my number and called me. We met on a Tuesday, we went out that Friday and really had a chance to talk. We really clicked and have pretty much been together ever since.
Location of both of you: I go to school in upstate NY/ live in Boston he lives in Sydney, Australia...that's 10,000miles apart!!!
How long have you been together: 13.5 months
How long have you been in a long distance relationship: 11 months
Status of your Relationship: dating but on a break...just because things have gotten so stressful. Matt says he feels a lot of pressure to call all the time. He has visted me twice ( for all of July and then December, January, February) and I have visited him once for a week in October. I am graduating from college in May, and was planning on spending the majority of my year off in Australia living with him. Now I don't know what is going to happen, if we can't deal with the distance part of our relationship, I don't know if we are going to make it till then. I love him so much and we have so much fun when we are together so part of me really wants to go. The other part of me feels like maybe I am holding him down too much and that we are too young to be in such a serious relationship and that part of me wishes I could let him go (I don't know if I can) and wishes I could move on with my life and find other ways to make myself happy. The thing is I have no clue what I would do next year if I were not with him!
Anniversary Date: 2/22/05. He got me a really gorgeous anniversary band!!! It is white gold with 5 little diamonds in a row. It is gorgeous. We went to go buy it a week before our anniversary, but I wanted it in white gold and they only had yellow gold, and it had to be fitted...so it was not ready until this week! He says he still wants me to wear it and that I am still his girl, and I love wearing it, but sometimes I feel weird about wearing it when our relationship is so uncertain. I got him a ring too, as well as some other stuff, including a list of 10 things i love about you that turned into 25...but I don't know, I haven't sent it yet. I want to, but I want to be in the frame of mind to write a perfect card. Both the cards he gave me for Valentines Day and our anniversary were hand made and absolutely perfect!!! He is also so good with words...not like me, I know I ramble but he can put his feelings so well into a few concise words that mean so much.
Do you want to get married if you already aren't: I do want to get married. and Matt has said that he also hopes that we end up getting married. and it would solve a lot of our problems. but we are SO young. I really can't see myself getting married for at least another 4 years.
Any Ideas for the community: I would love advice and I would also love to give advice whenever possible. I have been doing this for over a year and feel like I have tried it all.
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Did you read the rules: I have not read the rules but it is unintentional...I could not find them!!! I looked...please send me a link and I would be happy to read and obey them.
Post some pictures :)

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Hello Hello.

Two things:

1. Jeff is flying from California to Indiana for my 21st birthday! It is April 24th (a monday) so he will be here on the 28th. Plus we are going to a friends wedding together on the 29th. Excting.

2. I saw this community in a different community and thought at some of you might like to join as well:

It is a quick and nice application to fill out and I read some others, the members all seem nice.

I'll post agian later with a dress question...once I find the picture! Oh geez, life.
Alice herself

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Your Name: Ira
SO's Name: Dima
Ages:I am 19 and he is 21
How you met: This summer we both came to our hometown.. our common best friend was ill, and we went for a walk together. If not her illness we would have missed our first kiss.
Location of both of you:I study in Novosibirsk, Russia. He lives in Wuppertal, Germany.
How long have you been together: friends from school, but lovers since 12th of July 2005
How long have you been in a long distance relationship: he went to Germany in august 2005
Status of your Relationship: a long distance relationship
Anniversary Date: no fixed date..
Do you want to get married if you already aren't: it is a dream. Russia and Germany are so different, lots of bureaucracy makes obstacles.
Any Ideas for the community:i need support. it is nit easy to wait for the next date :(
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Did you read the rules: Love knows no distance.
Post some pictures :)


So I just got back to London from an amazing trip to Canada, where my boyfriend met me, and we spent three wonderful weeks together.
I now feel like i've lost a limb, and so alone. I dont know what to do, i'm in two minds whether to quit uni and move over there, or soldier on feeling like this. I can't sleep, I can't stop crying and I miss him so much it's painful.
This is just so hard, and I dont know if I can deal with it.
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Jeff will be arriving in Indianapolis from California about two hours. i'm in bloomington an hour and a half away...

I have work at 10am...until 6pm
I'm trying to leave work early.

I'm thinking about driving up to indy...
Be there at 6am...
Drive back to Bloomington at 8 so i can be at work by 9:30am
Drive back to Indianapolis after work and stay until Sunday around 6pm...

He was mean on the phone tonight...saying things like a joke...but not quiting...he just kept going.

I dont know what to do.
He doesnt deserve that...and i'll be tired

He left cali with me feeling sad and lonely.
I'm supposed to be excited with that warm fuzzy feeling of, "Yeah, i havent seen him in almost two months!"

Instead i have tears and am wondering if i should even drive up.

i just dont know