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same sex marriage- (10 out of 10

i cried the entire 2 hours. Yes there is progress, but there's so much hatred in this world. that i couldnt be able to marry the woman i love..
maybe in my lifetime, yes? I do have hope. its the production of films like this that make me breathe easier day to day.

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time to catch up on a weeks worth of rentals!

Dirty shame- (4 1/2 out of 10
i usually like john waters films. there was some extreme comedy in it, but after a while, it became redundant. he needs to lay off the drugs ;) but nice try!

knots -(4 out of 10
unoriginal script. crappy storyline upclose. the only part i enjoyed was how she found out she's a lesbian *L*

goldfish memory - (5 out of 10)
low budget, cute lesbian film. I really dont have much to say about it. you may or may not want to check it out. it wouldnt be the end of the world if you didnt

tori amos: welcome to sunny florida - (91/2 out of 10
I bought this online, and thank goodness i did. i loved the shots of florida, the rain, the feel of her being at my home (and her home as well). the concert was magical, and i was left in a complete daze for hours.

white noise- (5 1/2 out of 10
i thought it would be much better. the special features are better than the film itself. its interesting because i do believe you can communicate with the dead, and that there are both positive and negative aspects of it.

Hitch (6 1/2 out of ten
I love will smith, I love kevin james. So of course i laughed my behind off. and i liked the idea that sometimes we all need a little help in the romantic department. but in the end, its the awkwardness and quirkiness that we fall in love with <3 p.s. that girl in the movie was hot hehe

Mr. and mrs. Smith (6 1/2 out of ten
I think I liked it just because of angelina. hate to say it, but its true. The woman gets more and more gorgeous as she gets older, i dont know how but she does. I liked the idea, even far fetched as it was. angelina angelina. that is all

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Imaginary Heros: 6 stars out of 10

This is a Deep Movie, the main focus is how tragedy affects an entire family. and the details of certain occurances, and how they deal. LOVED IT!


D.E.B.S: 7 stars out of 10

call me a super dyke, but i LOVED this movie. cheesy, yes. but sometimes you have gotta fall for it. its an adorable love story between 2 girls, one being the villain, one being the crime fighting "deb". yes, hot ;)


This boy's life: 7 out of 10

I hadnt seen this dicaprio flick, shockingly. It was a deep rooted story of deniro being a controlling stepfather/father/husband back in the day. making everyone's lives miserable because he was. I truly hated his character which makes me applaud him immensely. they both did such a great acting job. i truly enjoyed it. ((true story also

Wooly Boys 5 out of 10

Nothing really special about this. A cowboy, out of the "loop on technology" hasnt seen a doctor in forever, which pulls him back to his family in the city. they get closer, etc.

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ok, so i'm insane
i just organized my movie collection by alphabetical order. BAHAHAHHAA

onto other things


Six Feet Under season 2 ((((9 out of 10

this show has been my saving grace.
i have HUGE issues with death
and i swear this show
feels like therapy each episode

you have no idea how much film transforms me into something higher.
until you hear something like this from my mouth (!!!!!!!!

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A home at the end of the world - - -7 1/2 out of 10)

An associate recommended this movie to me. I never would have picked it up, its just always passed by when i browse. It has so many beautiful surprises within it. I'm not a colin farrell fan, but his character was absolutely pure and genius. the plotline of having 2 loves of your life, and trying to have that work out as a family was ultimately truthful, and honest.

Tarnation - - -7 out of 10)

I actually expected more from this film, though usually i hold no expectations. I judge documentaries pretty harshly, but this was definitely a unique gem. I found myself wanting to know more of the story than the "tricks" of the camera used. especially his story. i can see how a lot can relate to this in some way or another, as mental illness effects a lot of us in our immediate family. I keep thinking of how much a beautiful boy he is.


United States Of Leland- - - 8 1/2 out of 10)

this struck a Major chord with me. the main character touched something i've tried to define myself, esp with how i feel about certain things. and it helped me majorly understand the differences between things. Aside from him being a murderer, It might as well of been me. creeped me out at first, but i stayed intrigued til the very end.
LOVED it to say the least.


Darkness - - - 2 out of 10)

I cant believe how many people i hear say they loved this horror film. it had barely a plot, and the acting was terrible. I truly felt it was a waste of my time. Though i am most critical about scary movies. sorry, this one bombed too!


Black Cadillac - - - 6 out of 10)

this was a suspense based on a true story. That idea, put into my head, made it all the more terrifying. I felt it was a nightmare i once had. I liked the creepiness of it, and the characters. Well done!