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This community is for all the disney channel lovers. It doesn't matter if you love all the shows or just one. You are appreciated. :)

1.Be kind and nice. You can give a person constructive critisim but nobody likes a potty mouth >.<.
2.When you post your application make sure to put it behind and lj-cut.
3.When posting your entry put "New" in the subject line so we know your not a member
4.While doing the application please bold the questions or the answers, it's easier to read :).
5. Somewhere in your application put, "Love Tha Dizz", so we know you read the rules!!!
That'll be all ^.^

About You:
2.Nickname, if any:

Your brain & Disney:
5.What is your favorite show and why:
6.How long have you been watching The Disney Ch.:
7.Are you embarressed to say you watch it (if over 15):

Trivia Time:
8.Who is Eric's role model (in Boy Meets World):
9.Name all the main characters in That's So Raven:
10.Where and how did Tia & Tamara meet:
11.What is the animal Ron stoppable has:
12.Who are Louis's bestfriend's:
13.What is the name of Dave's sword:
14.What's wrong with Sugar Mama's hair:
15.Who is Kim Possible's main evil villian:
16.What's the next animated show on disney:

17.What else could we add to this application:
18.Post your picture or pictures (optional):

With that i'll leave you to more disney channel. ^.^