Disney layouts

For anybody who would need them

Disney Layouts
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This is a community for creating layouts with Disney Themes. Anyone is open to join.

1. You must be a member to request help on a layout.

2. Keep it polite. If you have something to say, no cursing or insults.

3. Please credit. Icons banners, backgrounds, etc.

To request:
Provide as much information that you feel is necessary into an entry, and whoever will be providing you help will give you an override or tips in a comment.
If you are requesting a picture for any part of your journal, please provide the link to the picture.
Any text that you want on the picture must be provided. We are not psychics, after all.
Any requests might not be taken care of right away. Please be patient.
Please provide text color, size, and font.
For a banner or a background, please provide a theme, or a specific picture if you have already found one.
Be as specific as you can. You may provide your email or screen name if you think that whoever will be helping you will need to ask questions or ask your opinion.

If you do not credit the user that helped you, we will post a list of users who are not to receive help.

Banned users: