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Disney Layouts

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Pocahontas Layout [31 May 2007|10:51am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey guys!
I'm new in this community and would like to make a request in the beginning ^-^;;
Loooove Pocahontas, especially the last scene, where she stands on the mountain, saying goodbye to John Smith.

I'd love to have a LJ-Layout with this scene. If that's not possible, any other picture would be appreciated, as long as it's a serious or sad one. I adore the lovestory, so I want a romantic and sad Layout.

I appreciate your help!
Would love to have such a Layout!!


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[25 Feb 2006|01:49am]

Since this community is messed up and you cannot hardly see anything, I created another one. disneylayouts I tried talking to the moderator about the problem of the community, but she ignored me.
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Disney Princess Layout [25 Feb 2006|01:11am]

I created a Disney Princess Layout. If anyone wants to take it, please comment and keep the credit link. Thanks

Style: Generator
Website: A Must
Custom Colors: leave empty
Credit: In layout

CLICK HERE for a larger picture

Disney PrincessesCollapse )
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[24 Feb 2006|08:58pm]


i was wondering if someone could make me a layout with this pic? i'd be eternely greatful!!!! thanks!!

C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\hsm\hsm #3.bmp

(if you put that in your URL thing it should take you to the picture!)
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Alice in Wonderland Layout [13 Feb 2006|06:49pm]

I created an Alice in Wonderland Layout. If anyone wants to take it, please comment and keep the credit link. Thanks

CLICK HERE if you want to see a larger picture

Alice in WonderlandCollapse )
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Marie Layout (the Aristocats) [05 Feb 2006|05:23pm]

I created a Marie Layout from the Aristocats. If anyone wants to take it, please comment and keep the credit link.

Marie LayoutCollapse )
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Newness [01 Feb 2006|09:00am]

Hey! I'm new here. I saw some of your guys's work and it's awesome! I really wish I could do that stuff! I was wondering if there was a lion king one with Kovu and Simba? *hopeful* That you ciuld recomend me?
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Cinderella Layout [26 Jan 2006|07:57pm]

I created a Cinderella layout for bblondie4578

Preview: i_died_4_you

Cinderella LayoutCollapse )
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Disney Princess Layout [24 Jan 2006|05:56pm]

I created a Disney Princess Layout. If you take it, please comment and keep my credit link.

The LayoutCollapse )
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Sleeping Beauty Layout [24 Jan 2006|05:51pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I created a Sleeping Beauty Layout. If you are going to take it, please comment and leave the credit link.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Click Here to see a larger picture.

Once Upon a DreamCollapse )

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new community [19 Dec 2005|02:05pm]

[ mood | creative ]

disney_fans for all fans of disney stuff.

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[12 Nov 2005|06:23pm]

im new and i wante to know if someone would make me a Cinderella layout please?i dont have a picture really but something with "a dream is a wish your heart makes"
thanks so much to anyone that can help
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[04 Sep 2005|02:11pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Could somebody make me a Mulan layout? Like with Mulan, Shang and Mushu? And anyone else who you want to put in really... please?

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[31 May 2005|06:38pm]


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[20 May 2005|06:25pm]

Well this community might as well be dead. This is ridiculous guys, nobody promoted and nobody writes anything in here...come on. really.
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[11 May 2005|08:30pm]

Could someone make me an alice in wonderland layout? *batts eyes* pwease?
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[30 Apr 2005|11:08pm]

could someone just change my font for me? it won't let me change it & if you coudl fix it i`ll love you forever. if you IM me i`ll give you my pass to fix it. i would like the font Trebuchet MS in size 8. my aim sn is here with x me. thanks in advance!
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ATTENTION patrickqin!!! [24 Apr 2005|08:17pm]

I might be able to do a corpse bride layout if you still want it...I cant do much more then the quality of the community's or my own, but I can probably still give it a try.

<3 Danielle
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[24 Apr 2005|04:01pm]

i dont know if you'd be able to do this, but i would love you FOREVER if you could make this for me

i want a layout with a collage of disney couples kissing

and i want it to say something like

Kisses are the words that cannot be spoken...

in the font heartbreaker

if you could do this it would be AMAZING.

if you cant thanks anyway.
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[23 Apr 2005|02:52pm]


So this movie hasnt come out yet here...at least I dont think so. But I like the crazy penguins, so heres a little layout for y'alls. Credit if taken :-)

Madagascar LayoutCollapse )

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