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Pocahontas Layout

Hey guys!
I'm new in this community and would like to make a request in the beginning ^-^;;
Loooove Pocahontas, especially the last scene, where she stands on the mountain, saying goodbye to John Smith.

I'd love to have a LJ-Layout with this scene. If that's not possible, any other picture would be appreciated, as long as it's a serious or sad one. I adore the lovestory, so I want a romantic and sad Layout.

I appreciate your help!
Would love to have such a Layout!!

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i was wondering if someone could make me a layout with this pic? i'd be eternely greatful!!!! thanks!!

C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\hsm\hsm #3.bmp

(if you put that in your URL thing it should take you to the picture!)


Hey! I'm new here. I saw some of your guys's work and it's awesome! I really wish I could do that stuff! I was wondering if there was a lion king one with Kovu and Simba? *hopeful* That you ciuld recomend me?