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Welcome to Disengenious Radio: Where the listeners are the difference!

So You want to listen to something good huh? Ok. You've come to the right place. We arent a one at a time listener station. We want some solid listeners out there. Our number one goal is to get you to request something you want to listen to. The only thing we pledge to our listeners is WE DONT PLAY RAP Its a personal pet peeve of mine. Rap is full of NON Talented people. They cant sing, All they do is talk with rythm!

Once you understand where Im coming from, you'll actually like this radio station. Its not like we shove this music down your throats, we actually play good music. No this radio station is not a station that plays 'Anime' music 24/7. We play practically anything. We even have a DJ that plays Metal for about 5 hours in one day. Infact thats why you should join this community. Because we post when our DJ's come in and do their thing. So chill, relax, and enjoy our music.

Our DJ's:
DJ Yunie: I founded the station, and drop in when needed.
DJ Jaded: Host of the H!P Show, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays@7:30PM Eastern, he also runs the streaming server at Over here also the maintainer of The Disengenious Forums and Disengeniousradio.com
DJ Darkknight: Host of DJ Darkknights Ninja Dojo Live @ 9:30PM Eastern
DJ Robd: Host of DotDotDot
DJ Darktetsuya: Host of Bon Appetit!

Anyways though, any questions/comments/ or anything really, post it in a comment.

Have fun. Dont harass the DJ's, and Request, request, REQUEST. ok :D! Have fun!

and @ irc.gamesurge.net /join #Disengenious. We are always there. Thats our IRC chat room. Please Join! You can also click on "chat with us!" on the website. You can also join the forums, call me on skype (thehpshow), or email me (jaded.senpai@gmail.com).