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Are you following the Occupy Movement(s) presently? Do you know what their stated goals are?

Have your opinions about the occupy movement changed since they've begun? How so?

For myself, I've been in awe over just how far things have gone and impressed with the resolve of people and the resiliency of the movement keeping itself non-violent and coherent. The longer this goes on, the more solidarity people seem to be building over differences like race, age, religion, and the like.

I'm holding on to my hope that this ends well, though the government agencies opposing these movements are beginning to get a bit more violent. Unfortunately (for the goals of disrupting the movement) this will only foster more sympathy and support for the movement.

Winter is coming, yes. But winter coming will likely be a bigger problem for the police officers than the protesters: they get paid the same in rain or snow and, from what I've seen in the myriad of videos I've been watching, they've already begun showing signs of stress at their role in the matter.

I vote the changes requested by protesters will be met. I vote, change will come.

What say you?

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"To Serve and Protect", a familiar phrase in the English-speaking world.

The practice of this phrase is debatable.

On the topic of police officers returning to the "serving" side of their stated-purpose, in hopes that it will amplify the "protect" side: I've got some minor solutions I'd like to ask you to comment on.

(1) Make cops carry out monthly non-police tasks in plain-clothes or a non-police uniform (no badge, no gun, no ability to claim being a cop in any way) as part of required salaried labor.
-Some examples of what I mean:picking up trash at parks, helping kids cross the street during school-hours, coaching teams, volunteering more generally, being parking-meter faeries (saving people from paying for over-due parking situations).

(2) Install speed-recorders in police cars. Ever seen a cop speeding? Ya, me too.

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The majority of economists warn today that the speculation of global financial capital is detached from the substantial economy. What they overlook, however, is that the substantial economy as such is also driven by illusion, and that such is the nature of the capitalist economy.

"Blowing over"

Please note that this is a peaceful occupation. We do not condone violence, and occupiers will likely treat individual calls to violence as attempts at sabotage by agents provocateurs.
(Occupy Wallstreet)

(Police Officer dressed in white, at right-side of shot, sprays peaceful protesters point-blank with mace. Unprovoked. Note the reaction of several of the Police Officers in the foreground.)

Why did it take until Wednesday for 1) the media to get Police Commissioner Kelly to comment on this episode, and 2) for Police Commissioner Kelly to comment on this episode, period?
For fuck’s sake.
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They waited till wednesday because they were hoping this would all blow over and people wouldn’t care that “some hippies got maced.”


(Double check for yourself at trendsmap.com. I did, my results were the same.)

"It is not true that when a political system is in deep crisis, it drags on only because it doesn't notice that it is already dead--the moment when those in power (as we usually put it) 'lose faith in themselves,' stop believing in themselves, admit that the game is up, is crucial. And there is always a temporal gap between this awareness that 'the game is up' and the actual loss of power--those in power can prolong their desperate hold on it; battles can go on, with lots of blood and corpses...those in power are not aware that their time is over, that the process they are watching is their own funeral."
-Zizek, The Parallax View

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Hello everyone,

This is your friendly neighbourhood community owner here.  Just so you know, I've added the awesomely racist j099 as a moderator.  He can now freeze, ban, and censor any of you, and delete your posts if he feels like it, and I absolutely encourage him to do so.

Three new mods will be added in the next week so as to create an all-out community war.  I'm now taking applications from applicants who feel they have the total lack of moral or ethical sensibility that this job requires.  If you think you're up for the job, please post the filthiest, most vile thing you can, such as a poem about how you hate homosexual dentists or a video of you masturbating on your cat.

Your friendly neighbourhood community owner,


10th anniversary of 9/11

Sorry if I was not at the position to write something about 9/11.  I am Japanese but  I just had a discussion with people in my English-study group, so just for my reminder I would like to put the content as follows.  I would very much like to learn more about the situation in the U.S. these days, so please let me know more about 9/11.  Thanks. 

First of all, I would like to offer my deepest condolence on the loss of your friends on this 9/11 a decade ago.  

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Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department

The title of this post is taken from a great little Onion blurb. Only it isn't satire anymore.

Dear "limited government" cultists:

This is why taxes and government-funded agencies like fire departments are necessary. That way, when your state catches on fire, you'll be able to pay people and buy equipment and supplies to put it out. Instead, after gutting your own state's fire departments because you think taxes are bad and can't pay for them, you backtrack on your views and beg for federal assistance, which is paid for by other people's tax dollars. If that kind of sniveling hypocrisy isn't a refutation of your ideas about taxation, I don't know what is or conceivably could be.

You fucking idiots.